Revolut in the news


I got an email to compliment the in-app notification:


I feel at this point Revolut are intentionally trolling people :joy:

(Glen) #43

Me too!

(sam) #44

Just leave them bad reviews, mentioning how they spam you, they’ll soon drop this nonsense.


I have received the “help us not get fired” message before. I can confirm that it’s a real message that’s shown in app.

(Liam) #46

Then somebody should get fired.

(Liam) #47


My goodness. That guy really needs to invest into some PR professional…

(and I don’t mean Chad. Maybe it’s time to upgrade him…)

(Liam) #49

Certainly needs an upgrade in that department.


Beat me to it :smile:


Please upgrade Chad


Not sure I get the logic, so you don’t recruit to grow big, you recruit to be tiny and then dump people. You can tell hes Russian, not being rude or racist, but that’s a very Russian way of thinking. You don’t grow with the business you change it.

( #53

I’ve always suspected there was a missing ‘o’ in his name…