Revolut iOS13 Crashes

All was working fine, but now I can’t open the App Store App or TestFlight app on my iPhone.

Deleted and reinstalled… Same issue (briefly loads up the Revolut home screen and then kicks me back out).

Anyone else having issues?

No issues here.

Works fine for me on iOS13 beta 3, until I hit the Add Money, then it crashes. If I hit Search before then Add Money it works

It’s completely messed up for me - Support said… and I quote…

“Oops, tough luck buddy… We don’t support iOS13”


I’m paraphrasing of course, but they said there was nothing they could do.

This week’s Apple beta at least fixed the Handelsbanken app for me - I can now approve payments by typing in my passcode, whereas before the keyboard would instantly disappear.

Is Handelsbanken any good?

Only if you want to call someone up to do stuff for you.

Last update crashes for me.

Can you include a version number for reference?

iOS13 beta3