Revolut limits and fees

Received the following email from Revolut earlier today with changes to some of their limits and fees effective 1 March while others kick in some weeks later.

It’s not great reading for some (many?) users.

We’ve been working hard to improve your Revolut experience and have made some updates to our features. As a result, we’ve also made some changes to our Terms & Conditions that we’d like to share with you. Trading changes will take effect on March 1, 2021, while ATM and International Money Transfer changes will take effect on April 23, 2021.


We are restructuring trading allowances and pricing as follows:

• Standard users will receive one commission free trade per month (previously 3).

• Plus users will continue to receive three commission free trades per month.

• Premium users will receive five commission free trades per month (previously 8).

• Metal users will continue to receive unlimited commission free trading.

Lastly, the custody fee will change from one basis point (0.01%) of asset value per annum to twelve basis points (0.12%) of asset value per annum. Applicable SEC and FINRA fees on US Stock trading may still apply.

ATM Withdrawals

If you’re on a Standard plan

As a reminder, there is currently a GBP200 limit on free monthly ATM withdrawals on our Standard plan. After this, you begin paying a 2% fee. We are changing this, by adding a limit on the total number of ATM withdrawals as well, and by setting a minimum fee once your free allowance runs out.

Going forward:

Your GBP200 free monthly limit will remain the same, and once you hit it you will still begin paying a fee.

We are also introducing a limit of five ATM withdrawals as well. Once you hit this, you will also begin paying a fee.

Both of these limits apply independently. You will start paying a fee as soon as you hit one, even if you don’t hit the other.

The fee is still 2%, but we are adding a minimum fee of GBP1. This means you will pay the greater of GBP1 or 2% of the withdrawal.

If you’re on a Plus, Premium or Metal Plan

Our free ATM withdrawal limits for Plus, Premium and Metal customers will remain the same, and we are not limiting the number of withdrawals you can make fee-free on these plans. Fees on ATM withdrawals above these limits will stay the same, at 2%, but we are also introducing a minimum fee of GBP1 per withdrawal.

International Money Transfers

Our most popular payment types, used by over 90% of our customers, will remain fee-free. These include:

• Free local bank transfers in your home currency

• Free local and international transfers in Euros to any country within SEPA (which includes EU/EEA countries, the UK, Switzerland)

• Free transfers to other Revolut customers (peer-to-peer) in any country in the world

The following fee changes will only affect customers sending money outside the SEPA area (which includes EU/EEA countries, and the UK, Switzerland), or if you are making a cross-border transfer in a currency other than Euros.

Currently, Revolut offers two types of international transfer: “cross-border” transfers and “SWIFT” payments. They each have two separate allowances:

• Standard and Plus customers get one free cross border transfer per month, then pay GBP0.5 per transfer. SWIFT transfers cost either GBP3 or GBP5, depending on currency.

• Premium and Metal customers do not pay fees for cross-border transfers and get one free SWIFT transfer per month, and then pay GBP3 or GBP5, depending on currency.

What’s changing

We are combining “cross-border” and “SWIFT” into one simple and transparent category we call “international payments”.

International transfer fees will range between GBP0.3 and GBP5, depending on how much you transfer and where. Our Premium and Metal customers will still benefit from an allowance of payments for free, while EUR transfers within SEPA countries (including the UK) will remain free for all customers.

• Standard and Plus. No fee-free allowance. These plans are best suited for those who only occasionally send international transfers.

• Premium. One fee-free international payment per month. Best for people who make international transfers on a monthly basis.

• Metal. Three fee-free international payments per month. Best for those who frequently send international transfers.

You can see more details about our new pricing with examples [here].

Delivery Charge for Revolut Cards

Up until now, our terms have confirmed that customers on the Standard plan would be charged 4.99 GBP or currency equivalent for standard delivery of a Revolut card and EUR 19.99 or currency equivalent for express delivery. The delivery charge could be more depending on where you asked us to send your card.

From April 23rd, we will show you what fee applies for standard or express delivery before you order your card in the Revolut app. As always, the delivery charge may vary depending on where you are sending the card.

If you’d like to close your account because of these changes, you can do so without charge, but we’ll be sad to see you go.

If you have any questions, you can read our FAQ [here].


Team Revolut


Could they make it any more complicated?!?


Slowly adding more fees… :smiley:


They are going to end up like the high street banks with a complicated fee statement as long as your arm if this continues.


I fairly recently signed up to Revolut to try it out and before doing so I tried to have a good browse of what fees and charges are associated with ordering a card, exchanging fiat and crypto, placing stock trades etc. and I found the information scattered across various help pages and blog posts on their website very confusing and in some cases contradictory. Very disappointing, especially for a fintech (which tend to be rather upfront and clear). So this recent email (which I also received) seems to be pretty on form!


Recently signed up to a Premium Plan for the unlimited free international transfer per month literally one or two months ago and now it’s 1 per month the same as what the free plan USED to be.

I’d prefer them to up the paid plans than take away features you were going to get.

I make like 10 international transfers a month.

Tempted to try ask them to make an exception or cancel it now


They’ll just cancel it for you, but I’d do it quickly. You only have so long to exit a changed contract

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