Revolut Metal Visa Cards

So this is a weird one but

Space Grey/Silver cards are still MasterCard
Gold/Rose Gold/Black are now Visa

Maybe they’ll all be VISA when stock runs out?

I guess either way you’ve a choice of network provider this way.

Actually it seems that they’re just going to all be Visa, my standard cards: Visa, Premium: Visa. Only Metal with MasterCard left!

Even including the virtual cards!

and here’s me remembering telling you to run out to Wilko’s to grab a VISA card. :wink:

Now the tables have turned. :stuck_out_tongue:

how they have indeed. guessing this is part of their partnership to help revolut launch in 20+ markets by sorting out the regulatory hurdles?

i have all 3 now though MC/Maestro/Visa so i’m content for now

How did you manage to get a Meastro. :rofl:

temporarily moved to germany :^) :wink:

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