Revolut Plus

Whilst there is nothing obvious on the UK website, my Android app seems to be offering a Revolut Plus account option, priced at £2.99 per month, and hence sitting below the Revolut Premium plan.

Differences (compared to Standard) seem to be:

  • Personalised Card (Coming Soon) - I note the Premium plan states it offers a “Personalised Premium Card (Coming Soon)”
  • Up to 2 Revolut Junior accounts (same as Premium)
  • Free card delivery
  • Priority Support
  • Purchase Protection
  • Refund Protection
  • Ticket Cancellation
  • 0.3% Interest on Savings (Premium is 0.65%)
    Limits (such as ATM withdrawals & Exchange limit) seem to be the same as Standard.

Yup, I seem have it on the iOS app as well

I’m really struggling to see the benefit. Especially as I have a credit card and savings at higher rate elsewhere.

I guess those that have two children both wanting R kids accounts it’s £3 cheaper :man_shrugging:

Are the details of these available in the app?

What does priority even mean?! One hour response times? :joy:

10-15 mins…
I upgraded to Premium to open cards for my kids… not only, but main reason
So new Plus is a good offer for me…

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@Dimon has provided a screenshot of Premium, the only difference on these items is that Purchase Protection is up to £1000/year instead of £2500 for Premium.

I notice Plus is free card delivery, whereas Premium is free and should arrive in 4 days.


I’m a bit surprised that didn’t increase the limit for fee-free currency exchange.

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Also odd is that premium and metal now say excellent exchange rates, not interbank (but plus says interbank up to £1000). Probably just wording.

They don’t really have much competition in the fee free FX I think (maybe Wirex if they ever launch that new account) so I guess they consider it worth the extra cost of premium.

Compared to the 0.5% fee you need to transfer an extra £1,400 (i.e. £2,400 total) to be better off with premium even if you don’t use any of the other features. That doesn’t leave much room for Plus (if this is the only feature you care about)

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Priority support is one thing I don’t agree with, at least when it comes to banks! Knowing that I’m last in the queue if I need assistance is enough to make me not want to use the service.


My longstanding apathy towards packaged accounts notwithstanding… I can see a case for this offering.

If you had a couple of kids at home and had been considering a Starling Kite account ‘thing’ for them, then this would be more functional at half the price.

Anything after that - like all the purchase protection stull, etc - would be a bonus.