Revolut Trading

It’ll be interesting to see how this fares against Freetrade. It’s actually instant, which is certainly a plus.


It’s UI/UX is pretty piss-poor if it’s similar to when beta was out

I’m honestly baffled how they rolled it out this early when I and a lot of others suggested it needed major improvements.

You can literally only invest in US stocks. No ETF’s yet either.

To further this you have to search for them, there’s no way to narrow it down by industry etc or to discover new companies you may want to invest in - right now Freetrade is killing them.

I will definitely move away from Freetrade once Revolut improve though!

You can’t narrow down by industry with Freetrade either, only by whatever the name or tag is.

You can kind of do it - there’s the “tech titans” section.

You can also search by whatever they do and sometimes it’ll match.

In Revolut’s one there’s not even a tag line for each stock, it’s really piss poor as an offering.

Freetrade are testing industries right now.

It looks like a good alternative to freetrade but the free plan is quite limited with Revolut, though their custody fee is negligible.

I’m impressed they have fractional shares ready though, but I won’t be using it unless I get metal at some point.

It’s an impressive offering, really good to see another player providing a free or very cheap trading platform. Trading fees have been exceptionally high for decades.


It’s because they just integrated with an American startup iirc

They didn’t build it from scratch :slight_smile:

That’s why UK stuff isn’t ready - maybe they’ll integrate with Freetrade for this? :joy:

I hope not, there’s something about Freetrade I just don’t like/trust, despite actually owning a few shares. The app works fine, but if there’s another option I certainly will be taking it, even if it’s Revolut.

OK, I’m less impressed :sweat_smile:

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Eh, I’m getting the jeebies with them too.

Their CMO hasn’t responded to me from when I complained about Alex now :thinking: I would also prefer everything in one app vs an app for everything - if Revolut are as competitive as Starling are I’d likely swap to them

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I like this, its basic, but basic and simple is what I like when it comes to investing.

Don’t think you can get away with that just because it’s a special day… for someone as special as you every day for you is a special one.


Damn right.:+1:t2:

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I wonder if commission-free as an ‘extra’ for their packaged account is the right approach for this?

You’d think a small margin on each transaction would be a more sustainable model.

They charge 0.01% annually on the value of the portfolio and claim it will be enough it’s not a loss leader (I think it was in the FT article). I’ll admit I haven’t got a clue how much this would cost to run though.

I wonder if the prices will change when they launch European and worldwide shares, or if they plan to recoup some of the cost in the price for an ISA?

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Is this a true broker or just CFDs?

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Looks 100% legitimate. Do Belize even have a company register?