RevP Beta Thread

Is anyone else’s card on the way?

Yes, mine is. Received the same mail, but no tracking code in the app yet.

What’s card is it?


What is RevP?

It is essentially revolut using a payment services platform they built themselves I think.

Sorry I probably shouldn’t have started a new thread

It’s fine. If it’s a live ‘thing’ now we can use this thread for discussions of how it’s working.

I don’t think I got into the beta :sob:

Edit; spoke to support and they nudged me up the list for the inconvenience of having to contact them to ask - literally sent me out a card :joy: thanks if you read this forum (turns out i had missed the first batch)

My RevP card has arrived. Looks like a standard Revolut card with prepaid on the back of it.

Weirdly despite being shipped two weeks after my Rainbow card it’s arrived before the other one which means I cannot activate it as Revolut think it’s still en route