Robinhood coming to the UK

As @Ardvarky pointed out in another thread, RobinHood is intending to launch in the UK.

Discussion on the arrival of the platform in this thread, please. Referral codes here: coming to UK

I use Freetrade quite a lot but, as you say, it’ll be interesting to see how this service compares.

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Created a thread in in the main community so get the story to a wider audience.


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This “early access” malarkey is really too much.

What does “early 2020” even mean?

In fintech it likely means next winter.


I’m kind of assuming sometime summer next year. I’d guess that they should in theory have all the features there as it’s already an established app. It will at least bring some competition to Freetrade which isn’t a bad thing.

Some competition to Revolut Trading.

Freetrade probably on the same level as Bux.

Robinhood looks more similar to Revolut in that it’s US only, just stocks and no ISA

Bux has 5k customers in its share trading, I invested a small amount but I don’t have high hopes. UK and US do fintech really well

Oh dear! Soft launch then

I suppose an ISA is something that is UK specific so they are not able to just port what they have for the US, rather they need to create something specific.

Freetrade didn’t have ISA at launch either… or android compatibility :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m looking forward to the launch. I already use Freetrade and Trading212 to invest, so will be interesting to see how it compares. Is there an official launch date yet?