Robinhood delays

Received the same email. I guess some companies now take early to mean first half. To me, they missed that deadline by not launching before April.

To be fair, maybe they meant that too and they were just really slow with the email.

I wonder if the delay will lead to them launching too late. With so many seemingly investing during the crash they will have to be convincing people to switch (or use them too). I don’t know if they offer anything unique so there would have to be some incentives to get those that have joined T212 and FreeTrade especially to try them out.

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So champagne all round for FreeTrade and Trading212?

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Disappointing but understandable. I love Freetrade but was really looking forward to having a play with Robinhood. Their app UI looks better, and they’re the kickstarts of making investing more accessible to more people. Would have made for some interesting competition here.


Well, that’s a pretty anti-climactic end to the hype around this launch.

Ah well. I suppose in the US they were the original equivalent of Freetrade. They got to move in to an untapped market and cause a lot of disruption.

By not rolling out here sooner they had effectively relegated themselves to ‘also ran’ status.

Wouldn’t be surprised also if some of the more established brokers decided to launch similar apps as a spoiler.


Depends on the trade deal between the UK and the US.

If there is a trade deal on services with the United States then they maybe able to offer their services to the UK under the US banking license. IF there is a likely chance of such a trade deal, it may explain putting off the UK launch date.

I just hope we get US Options Trading under this deal…

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It’s probably going to take a while…