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So the price of stamps is to rise:

As someone who hasn’t sent a single letter for I honestly don’t really remember, this won’t make any difference to me personally. Just about every piece of business I conduct that requires any form of correspondence, revolves around email. We don’t even bother sending out Christmas or birthday cards because quite frankly, they’re a complete waste of money. Oh I’m such a hard assed humbug :rofl:

As a homeowner/residential customer, it personally wouldn’t bother me if there were no deliveries by Royal Mail to my home address at all. I would much rather pick my mail up from a secure locker at a central pick up point. Mind you, we receive little mail these days anyway as once again, anything that can be sent from utility companies, banks etc, is all done by email. It does still piss me off that pin letters and bank cards are still sent through the post and anyone who works in the mail delivery business knows what the envelopes look like.

I’ve as it happens, just received a parcel via Royal Mail today that was posted First Class 10 days ago :roll_eyes: and yesterday my Wife received a parcel from Royal Mail that was dumped in our bottle bin by the post person with a card shoved through the door telling us where it was. It wasn’t so long back that I retrieved a parcel that had been dumped in our next door neighbours bottle bin that was due to be emptied the following morning.

I can honestly say, the best parcel delivery services we’ve had by a long shot, have been by DPD and Amazon delivery drivers whose service in my experience, has been outstanding.

I can’t recommend Marcus, our DPD driver, enough. He’s always friendly, always efficient, and DPD deliver to us reliably and without fuss.

RM, on the other hand, may be the single most important factor in COVID-19 transmission locally, as residents spend half a day knocking on doors to try and track down which random house he has delivered our packages to.


Royal Mail has been excellent in all the places i’ve lived, and their parcel service has improved significantly recently with eh updates to their app etc.

I have to say i do like getting a hand written letter and sending them now and then. Beats the cold communication of the internet.


You’re incredibly lucky then because our service has quite honestly at times, been bloody abysmal. Frequent changes of a post delivery person, parcels dumped in bins or left behind a bin, all because they probably 1. think they’re doing us a favour by actually leaving it somewhere, or 2. because they’re too bloody lazy to take it back to the sorting office.

As for apps, if you want to see just how poor an app is, then Parcelforce who are I believe part of the Royal Mail trading group, well their app is so piss poor it defies belief. If you want verification of that and you’re on iOs, go into the search app function and bring it up and sort by most recent. It tells it’s own story.

I’m going to make an admission now, I haven’t hand written a letter for probably over 5 years and I’ve only received maybe one or two hand written letters in that time. It is I admit, a sad reflection of our times. I still have hand written letters from my now deceased Grandmother which I still enjoy reading. Such a shame that technology has effectively taken away some of the joy.

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Oh yeah its not great. the RM app was crap too, it was only just recently updated. interestingly most of my parcels have been via royal mail and not their parcel force part of the brand.

The internet in some respect stole some really nice parts of society. Letter writing being one of them. Maybe you should write one :smiley: I was just thinking a couple of hours ago with all these restrictions that a personal letter would be nice to receive.

The DPD app is absolutely spot on, best delivery app of the lot in my book.

Sadly, there’s no one I really like enough to send a hand written letter to these days :laughing:

Honestly though, with WhatApp, email etc, it’s just so much easier and infinitely quicker obviously, just to send communication that way. I’d honesly feel I was wasting money on a stamp by sending one off. As it is, despite the fact I’ve just found out I’ve got an 11 month DVLA extension on my photocard DL, it’s still going to cost me money sending all of that crap back to DVLA via RM when the time comes. There’s also the massive inconvenience to me of having to trudge to a bloody Post Office and stand there in a queue behind a dozen people chatting crap and collecting their bloody pensions.

I’ve just realised what a thoroughly miserable bugger I am :rofl:

We’ve used Royal Mail for some stuff we have sold on eBay and more recently DPD for a parcel of stuff we shipped to the in-laws house as we won’t be able to make it over this year. Don’t have complaints about either to be honest.

We were impressed at how quick our DPD box got tot the other side of the continent, this year. Dropped it off at our local Sainsburys and a couple of days later we got a message to say it was where it was supposed to be.

Royal Mail too - sure I dislike having to make my way to the back of my local WHSmith’s to get into the post office queue, but no real dramas with them for a long time.

In honesty, when I saw the price was going up to 85p I thought, ‘jeez, that’s a lot’ - It’ll always be worth something like 30-something pence to me, as that’s what it was when I was a kid.

In reality, it’s probably not such a bad deal. For that 85p they’ll take your letter from somewhere near to where you like and take it to anywhere on these Isles. Even Peterborough.


Now listen, old chap, about halfway through your post I was about to agree with you…

And on balance, I think you have the makings, frankly, of being just that…:joy::rofl:

(But it’s ok - there’s a way back…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

This may well surprise you then, because I actually believe the price of a first class stamp for a standard letter, is probably too cheap.

As you point out, you can post a letter from anywhere within the UK, from Lands End to Lerwick, for under a quid. When you think of the logistics involved by RM of getting a letter that distance, around 920 miles via land and air, it really isn’t a lot of money.


I agree with all of this, except in my case it’s the back of a Tesco Express instead of a WH Smith, and I think I’m slightly younger so the price in my head as “what I think a stamp is worth” is probably more like 48p.

It’s not a bad deal at all, but I am loathe to pay anything at all when using the internet is free (once you have got connected, obviously, as you do pay for it - just not “per usage”).

They’ve started a pickup service in some places

It’s incredible value when you actually think about the scale of the operation to send one letter.


Yes, I read about this.

It’s a trial and everybody should be getting it soon, once they roll it out fully.

Must admit, I’m often surprised at just how much our postman delivers. The size of some of the parcels he carries in that bag would once only have turned up courtesy of the parcels van.

I’ve got nothing but admiration for the service and, like most here, I don’t begrudge the stamp increase.

It’s a lot of service for a few bob.


Oh not another Royal Mail thread. Don’t get me started. I’ve just about had enough of Royal Mail.

I’ve recently had complaints dating back 2 years be blamed on the degraded services as a result of the pandemic that started under a year ago.

It’s all automated of course, can never actually make any headway with them myself because I can’t get past the robots. Hopefully the retailers that have had to chase them after my parcels have been tampered with, or lost had better luck, though a post from someone on the monzo forum would suggest not.

At this point I’m not sure why companies even use them for parcels. Doesn’t seem to matter which part of the country you live in, and I’ve gone from bottom to top over the course of the past decade, the service is just as crap.

Last October I started keeping track of shipping companies losing my items in a numbers spreadsheet. In the past year, out of my last 100 parcels:

  • 16 were sent by Royal Mail, 4 were lost, 2 were opened in transit, sealed back up in buckets of brown tape and had items missing from my order.
  • Of the 31 parcels sent via Hermes, just one didn’t turn up.
  • All 18 DHL parcels arrived.
  • My one UPS parcel arrived perfectly fine.
  • Of the 28 DPD deliveries, 3 were returned to sender. These orders contained large quantities of cat litter which had split in transit and were not deliverable. All other DPD parcels arrived just fine and ahead of schedule.
  • All 6 of my Yodel parcels arrived.

You need to get out more

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:joy: you’re probably right! As mundane as it sounds, data analytics has been a core hobby of mine for the better part of my life. More of an obsession really. At risk of sabotaging my pseudonymity somewhat, if you frequent Reddit, there’s a good chance you’ll have seen some of the charts and animations I’ve made using said data. I’m surprised it took me as long as it did to start doing it for parcel tracking to be fair. :sweat_smile:

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Link me to a thread in the DMs, I’d like to have a word with you to learn some stuff about designing good analytics if you’re open for it

My new product launch that I’m bankrolling myself has a lot of data and I want to see how you do stuff :slight_smile:

Sounds as if you would be an ideal candidate to participate in which Ofcom and the Royal Mail use to measure their service and identify issues


I’ll drop you a DM when I’m done with work tonight! Should point out I’m a software engineer by trade, so my approach is heavily built, rendered, and designed through web programming rather than with graphic tools.

I actually already participate in this! Over in the Monzo community, when I first reported issues with Royal Mail someone (possibly you) pointed me towards that, so I signed up!


What a coincidence :wink:

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