Sage payments?


So, my wife tried to order something today using her sole trader card.

Payment was declined. The merchant said by they bank. Starling says they have no record.

The payment processor was sage payments.

Is this a known problem?

Also, what is one meant to use for business cards when it asks for the card holder name: person or business name?


I can’t say I’ve knowingly paid using SagePay, but to answer the name question - it’s the name of the person rather than business.

Likewise, billing address is their home address, but some merchants will accept business address, depending on their checks.


Sage is a massive payment processor, if they say its Starling, then you can be fairly certain it is.

The name has no relevance, both will work. No bank uses name validation in the UK.

(sam) #4

I’ve paid through sagepay before and it’s worked ok

(Neil) #5

Thought that was due to be introduced this year.


No, that’s for bank transfers.

Thanks all for your input. I still have no idea why this payment didn’t go through. Google did an active card check when she added the card to her account during the checkout, so we know she didn’t type the card details incorrectly.

Incidentally, can someone tell me where I can find historic chats with starling? I was trying to re-read the chat this morning and it just seems to have vanished…


Providing the chat was done in-app, it would automatically appear in Customer Services > Starling Inbox (on Android).

Even if it was done out of app, like on their website for example, if they knew your account it’s possible they may just put it in the Starling Inbox anyway.

One thing that I noticed a while back (did report but unsure if it’s been fixed), is if you have more than 1 account, sometimes the message appears in the wrong one. So if you don’t see it, check your other accounts too.


Ah, that did the trick. Thanks! (I had assumed that there’d be just one inbox. It never occurred to me that they’d be separate.)


Speaking of customer support, where the hell is it on iOS?


Being on android I can’t help with that, I’m afraid…


I have both which is why it’s confusing


So, I managed to figure out the reason for the decline:

The company was - a German based company. At checkout they offered the option of debit or credit card, so my wife chose debit and was forwarded to sagepay. Yesterday night she tried again choosing credit card, and got forward to a completely different, non branded portal and it worked. (the payment portal actually looked so dodgy that if I hadn’t known the site in question I wouldn’t have proceeded.)

I’m not entirely sure what happened there, but my best guess is that the “debit” card option only works with German issued cards.

(sam) #13

Or they presume MasterCard are credit?


They asked for card type, offering maestro, master or visa, so it seems a bit weird…


So, the best part of it is that the payment for business cards now appears in Starling as “Procacci” - a restaurant in London.

I don’t get this fancy merchant data stuff: 8 much rather see the correct - it slightly ugly - description that the merchant provided, than to be at the mercy of some random user submissions …