Samsung Galaxy Note 10 / 10+

Just wondering if anyone was contemplating getting the new Note 10/10+ now the specs have been released and it’s available to pre-order?

I’m still on a Note 8, so was thinking of upgrading this year, but the initial feedback seems to be mixed?

The standard Note 10 appears to be a “Note Lite” with lesser specs (lower quality screen, no expandable storage, less RAM, some camera features missing), and the 10+ is the proper successor to the 9? There is also the 5G model, but I don’t think 5G will be prevelant enough to warrant the extra £100 outlay.

Well, it’s at least gonna drain your battery in no time…

I’ve been contemplating switching from an iPhone XS Max to either the Galaxy Note 10 + or the OnePlus 7 Pro.

I don’t really care about 5G, for me it’s more about being disillusioned with Apple for quite some time now

Between the two I personally would definitely go for the one plus.

I have had Samsung devices for a while, but find them just overpriced. And the update situation is dire…

Admittedly they are pretty pricey, but I think generally the quality of the devices reflect that. The Note I have now is so nice to use compared to some of the other devices I’ve owned over the years.

And to be honest, I’ve never really had much of an issue with the updates. Granted you have to wait a few months when a new OS drops, but they tend to keep to the update schedule from my recent experience.

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I guess a case of either different experiences, or different expectations.

My last Samsung was a galaxy s6 which I had for about 3-4 years. During that time I got one software update (about a year after the original release, when Google was close to releasing the next version) and a handful of security fixes (all many weeks after the original release). To me that’s not something that I’d want to experience again - especially not with a device that costs 1k.

Particularly the slow arrival of security fixes is really unacceptable to me.

On the Note 8 I’ve had 2 OS updates in 2 years (currently on Pie), and I’ve had security patches virtually every month I think? (there may have been some months they missed - can’t really remember now). Granted they are generally a few weeks behind Google’s release, so I’ll most likely get August’s patch in a week or two (currently on July’s)


Samsung are now pretty good on timely security updates to be fair

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