Samsung Pay partner with Curve

An interesting development. With Curve already having physical cardholders and the processes and logistics that go with it, it will avoid the need for Samsung to do the same. Samsung can just concentrate on their virtual card and app integrations.

Of course for Curve it will increase the number of cardholders, which will be a good thing for them if the new cardholders also use the other Curve services (like linking their other banking cards).


That can only end well.

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What is the difference (for now) between this and just adding your current Curve card to Samsung Pay?

I’m not a Samsung user but I’ve read recently Samsung are looking to launch a true banking service. A bit like Apple have done in a limited way with their credit card, and Google are also considering a full banking service.

Here I suppose Samsung don’t need to worry about card issuance partnering with someone who already does this, offers a virtual wallet and app, and which covers most countries here in Europe.

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Poor Samsung is all I can say.

Curve can’t get there own product right, let alone all the people signing up because of the Samsung name.


I think big tech firms realise the power of an ecosystem and their brand now :slight_smile:

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My account has been “closed” for a while, but Curve still runs card checks periodically. I get alerts when the checks are declined, for example, by my frozen Halifax debit card

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Exactly, it’s things like that, that are so normal with Curve, I would have thought Samsung would have done some checks, just checking the curve forum would have shown them how unstable as a product it is, but well it will be interesting to watch.