Santander app detecting root

I found this site through searching for help on this and found a similar thread on Starling Bank.

I have a OnePlus 7 and had the Santander app happily working on my rooted (with Magisk) phone. Until one day in June they updated the app without me noticing and it now detects root, despite me trying all my old tricks. I saw several complaints that the app even ‘found’ root on non-rooted phones! There has been a further update which may have cured those false positives, but I still can’t hide root. I’ve deleted various apps that I thought may have contributed (including Titanium). They only one I have left to try is Magisk. Any ideas?

OK, now removed Magisk and Magisk manager and still no joy.

If it’s rooted, even if you remove Magisk, it is still rooted, no?

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Uninstalling Magisk gives ‘no root’ response in Root Checker and Titanium. Obviously something is still there triggering it, as Rootbeer finds several possible causes - but I’ve tried everything that worked for me before, so I was hoping someone else might have solved the problem.

I have a Samsung S7 rooted and have Satander and other apps working

First make sure Magisk and Magisk Manager is up to date

In Magisk app, goto “Settings” > “Hide Magisk Manager”

Open the new renamed app, go to “Magisk Hide” and put a tick in santander to be hidden from root.

Then force close Santander and clear app data

I hope this has helped. Let me know if this worked for you

Thanks, but I’d done all that before and everything was fine until Santander updated their app in June (I think). Since then none of those steps has got it working again. But if you it works for you, I’ll keep trying!

Ok, an update. I’ve just acquired a OnePlus 8 Pro. I wasn’t going to bother with rooting just yet. Santander worked fine (even with Titanium installed). Then I found out how to boot TWRP on the 8 Pro. Again, I wasn’t going to use this to install Magisk just yet - I like having a proper Recovery. Guess what? Santander now said my phone was rooted (even though it wasn’t). So i thought what the hell, I might as well install Magisk which would then allow me to hide from Santander. But uninstalling and reinstalling Santander makes no difference (yes, I have Magisk ‘hidden’. So I ran the Magisk uninstaller, removed Titanium, but still no joy. Even more annoying: Root Beer Sample shows all green ticks!

Getting the same error on my Xiaomi Mi10Ultra which has the bootloader unlocked but not rooted. All other banking apps seem to work, though my Lloyds group ones don’t seem to like fingerprint authentication any more.

I had a reply on XDA Forum suggesting it may simply be the fact that I unlocked the bootloader. I’ve not yet really started using my 8 Pro, so might try reverting.

I’ve just applied the latest update from Oxygen Updater, which has definitely removed root and returned to stock Recovery, but Santander still says it’s rooted, so it looks like the unlocked bootloader is the problem. Bugger!