Security at Monzo is "hot", apparently

Monzo just shared this old article on twitter, which is unfortunate timing because it includes the immortal line “Security at Monzo is so hot they knew that Ticketmaster had been hacked before Ticketmaster did.” My feelings on Monzo are largely neutral, but not sure I’d be boasting about my security right now given the recent PIN/log file incident :man_facepalming:t2:


More like hot shite

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I’m surprised no one has replied

Do them a favour and tell them not to use Monzo, use @starlingbank instead:eyes:


I was tempted, trust me :see_no_evil:, but then i looked at the replies and they were actually quite mixed, which just highlights what ive said all along that as soon as you get out into the big wide world and away from platforms that Monzo can control and influence, you get a more realistic view; some people saying ‘this is the best thing since sliced bread’, others saying ‘this is absolute trash’ and a spectrum of voices between the two extremes.