We need a place to welcome our new members right, so a thread to introduce oneself is an idea I’ve thought about for a while.

I decided to make it now, I’m sure most of us can agree it’s not my worst idea :joy:

Edit: I apparently have to start the thread off according to @supersam.

Hello, my name is レック.

I’m 18 years old and fluent in an entire single language, English. I can just about bluff people into thinking my Japanese is acceptable, if I’m using a keyboard.

I’m a cyber security student at [redacted] University in the United Kingdom and have a whopping 5 GCSE’s at Grade C.

I plan to move to a European country after graduation as well as help the domestic Pirate Party ensure our laws protect our privacy. To further this I’m extremely paranoid about my privacy, which is why I included the former.

I use a VPN just everywhere to the point Twitter thinks I’m Swiss and speak German.

I use Threema in preference to other messaging apps although I’m stuck with the legacy that is Facebook Messenger.

I use ProtonMail for my email.

My favourite fintech is probably Revolut due to the amount of different currencies that it can hold, followed by Starling. I have high hopes for Dozens and N26. My main legacy building society is Nationwide and my main legacy bank is Metro (as their customer service is great and I really like that they respect the point of the EU)

Is there anything else I need to include?

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Tell us a bit about yourself then?

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