Share lending @ Trading212

How do folks feel about this one?

Trading212 are currently requiring users submit to new terms and conditions that require users to consent to them lending shares to those who want to short positions.

This doesn’t apply to shares held in ISAs

I buy just in an ISA, but I wouldn’t mind in Invest as it’s helping keep it free.

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I remember them announcing this a while ago. I don’t mind it (though I am solely using the ISA). I think some brokers pass this on but those are ones where you have larger sums invested than I do. I think it’s a better model than freemium.

My shares are in an ISA, so it doesn’t really apply to me.

I appreciate that they’re offering a free trading service and somebody has to pay for it somehow. I’m just not sure I am comfortable with them inflicting on you a right to use your property for their gain (unless you get a cut).

I suppose so long as there is no risk to the customer I can wind my neck in.

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Yeah zero risk to the customer, if they weren’t told then they would be none the wiser.

I guess it also depends on how many shares you own and if you could make a £100 or a tenner or 10p from the interest paid on lending each month.

I think most would be 10p so would rather it stays free rather than introduce a monthly fee or a fee on each buy/sell which would cost more than they would get from lending.

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Many brokers do this even if they are not so open about it.

I don’t see anything to worry about and it helps keep trading free for T212 customers. I really should get around to joining one day…

I think currently it’s the best platform we have in UK / Europe.

Hands down beats Freetrade which charge for their ISA and Plus account which is a tenner for the same things you expect for free.

Kicks the ass of those legacy HL, AJ Bell etc

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Happy to agree with you on that front.
Think the web app and the mobile app are fantastic, albeit with one or two UI quirks.

Not really looked back since I stopped using Freetrade.


You don’t think that if T212 lend the Invest accounts’ shares to have some bucks to maintain a free-fee platform (and make a profit), it could mean that in the future it will be also some distinction on the ISA accounts (e.g. T212 monetize in some way, the ISA accounts)?

Because the ISA accounts will be lending-free, these accounts in this way aren’t contributing to all T212 ecosystem, it’s free raiding.

The CFD accounts contributes, the Invest accounts also contributes, it only remains the ISA accounts to contribute to the T212 family…