Should we run polls and ignore the results?

Should we run polls and ignore the results?

On the one hand, asking for customer feedback is an important way of gauging and testing ideas before rolling them out. Doing so empowers and includes consumers and helps to build reputation.

There’s less value in running a poll inviting and including customers only to tell them, at the end, that you’re ignoring their feedback. If this is the case, you’ve wasted their time and undermined their faith in your faux inclusion. Why bother? Really?

This poll will close at the end of the month when the results will become visible and I shall probably ignore them.

  • Yes
  • No
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I take it the poll refers to this post/thread on the Monzo forum.

I have to say that imho that thread does not show Monzo in a good light.

They ask users to vote on something and then just ignore the 2:1 majority vote as it wasn’t the option they wanted - in which case why bother asking forum users in the first place?

In the same vein, they seem to have posted that thread as they thought they may get social media kudos from their customer base - and when the discussion didn’t go as they wanted they locked the thread.

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Didn’t that teal bank also run a pointless vote on what the next useless feature would be? Did they implement the winning one?


I don’t know?

I’m not singling out any bank in particular. I’m interested in how they get customers to ‘buy in’ to things without genuinely considering the customer at all. These seem like empty exercises promoted by people who don’t seem to contribute anything useful at all.

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Yes, they claim they’d work on all three; instead so far they’ve brought out an unrelated Kite kids account but none of the three features promised before.

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Monzo have done that many times before…

So what shall we call our new upcoming account that’s called “Plus” whilst in development? We want a really exciting new name for it.

… months later …

Thanks guys, all that brainstorming and ideas were great, we’ve decided we’ll call it



Actually Monzo have listened to community feedback before.

Unfortunately it’s the worst kind of community feedback that’s one up from asking people for their thoughts on YouTube.

Yep, I’m talking about the time some cyclist tweeted monzo to say you should change its transport icon because a car isn’t representative.

That’s fine, you could go with a wheel or a person walking, or… an electric car.

Nope they ask Twitter which icon would you like a car, bus or train.

Train just about won, and unbelievably they actually implemented very slowly, half arsed the transition to this point where we now have a train icon because apparently that’s more representative to people than a fucking car.


It’s all been downhill since Boaty McBoatface.


Wasn’t a kids account one of Starling’s 3 options in the poll?

If so, then the Kite product would seem to be following through with their commitment - even if it isn’t exactly a compelling feature in its current format…


Hmmm… Actually, my appologies; it was all a few weeks ago.

I remember only two off the top of my head, online banking and different cards for joint accounts.

I just checked and an under 16’s account is listed as the third option… (Although without access themselves is it an account or just a space with a connected card at the moment?)

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I completely missed this update. And in hindsight, it was a predictable outcome. They put a lot more effort into explaining and justifying the icon that received fewer votes, so it’s clear that’s the one they wanted.

This now feels like it was just a stunt so the community felt involved with the decision, in order to avoid a sequel to the pride aftermath. When in reality, the community input never mattered to them. They didn’t even share any of the details or insight in the internal polling.

Monzo have a real internal echo chamber issue that needs addressing at the root, rather than be covered up with the illusion of a listening ear.

I fully suspect they were hoping the community would choose the icon they spent more effort explaining and justifying. And I suspect had the community voted in that way, the response from Monzo would have been completely different in tone. I suspect they would have told the community they listened to them for all the good will that would generate. And knowing what we know now, that would be a lie.

This has significantly soured my opinion of Monzo’s culture and ethos now to a point where there’s so much baggage, they’re beyond redeemable.

I’d much prefer they didn’t ask for feedback at all if it was never going to carry any weighting, than pull stunts like this charade. Telling your community you want their help making a decision, whilst coercing them towards the answer you want them to choose, just so they will think you’re listening to their feedback is deplorable. I expect this from shady politicians, not a bank that often toots their own moral superiority. Do better, Monzo, please.


You’re surely right, but that doesn’t prevent the Few from railing against any who criticise the Monzo voting calls.

I made the mistake of suggesting that, given the noise and anger that emerged in previous such threads - Pride very much comes to mind - cookywook was asking for trouble with a similar call for opinion.

Was it surprising when the simple selection process descended into the usual “my Movement is more important than yours” argument?

Me suggesting it wasn’t got me flagged into oblivion. That made me a troll, apparently.


Which types of polls you should pay attention to and which you should ignore?