Size limit when uploading files

I recently tried to upload a gif (it really wasn’t that funny, so no great loss), and got a message saying the max file size allowed is 4096KB. The file I was trying to upload was less than half that, so is it just a case that the message isn’t displaying the correct limit, or have I just been banned from uploading gifs? :wink:

Hi Dave.

No, I’ve not banned anyone from uploading gifs - though I must admit the temptation has been there on the odd occasion. (I must resist!).

I’m still pondering this one. 5MB isn’t particularly huge and its not as though we are overrun by users right now.

Just concerned that it could become an issue down the track.

I’ll speed up the pondering and get back to you.

If I’m it I generally HTML5 it so it’s smaller. Usually works, but is obv reliant on using this site. I don’t know if others have the same option.


Thinking about it, I’m guessing the page will be doing a submit to upload the files, so will include the entire form body in the overall content size. So going off what I’ve been trying to upload, the actual available size is closer to 1500KB by the looks of it?

That would explain why I had difficulties with two images in a post earlier.
Are you able to edit and add the gif in after?

Not a big fan of the 4096kb limit. Had to upload to an external site and it was awkward on mobile :sob:

OK - I’ve sorted it. Doubled the limit.

I suppose I held out for as log as I could!

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Cheers mate

I don’t have a clue about these things but is this costing you money?

In theory yes it is costing Liam money to host, but we have a relatively small user base so it shouldn’t be much of an issue!

It is, but not much.
I’m renting a virtual server, sitting in somebody elses racks somewhere in London’s docklands.

I can use the server for other things, so it’s not an issue.

The server - because it’s a cheapy! - doesn’t have a huge amount of disk space. A back up of the forum is currently about 400MB… I’ve got about 8GB remaining.

That’s not a huge amount, but should be enough for a couple of years. So don’t be uploading Gone With the Wind in gif form

Sounds like a challenge has been set…

What about the entire bee movie?

Look into S3 for hosting the files.
Should be cheap enough and will be good considering the small disk you have is close to capacity.