Sky Q in Spain

Random question, does anyone know if Sky Q works in Spain?

Done the usual Google search and not really found anything other than stuff a few years old and that doesn’t really help…

Have a Sky HD+ box here and at home in Spain but if I was to swap to Sky Q here I’d lose the old box as you can’t have both.

France, yes. Spain I have no firsthand knowledge of but i can see no reason why if you can get HD you wouldn’t be able to get sky.

“someone I know” just got the biggest sky dish he could find off ebay the one they give to people on the Shetland islands i think lol, plus a sky brand Q LNB, and handed them to the guy fitting it, since this is literally what he said to do on his website… something about the arms of normal round dishes being a pain to fit the Q LNB to, and it has all worked fine, but if you have a dish for HD then you could prob just switch the LNB. The Q box uses two outputs of the LNB i think, and the others are all used for freesat boxes in around the house. That said, you’re more technical than “someone I know”, @Anon, so you may have sussed all this already, but if you can get HD, then i think Q should be fine.

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You’d likely need a new LNB for your dish in Spain as a minimum I think.

Plus they are moving channels onto transponders with a tighter UK footprint, so it likely wouldn’t be the full experience.

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Hmmmm… If it works in France then yeah should be ok there. I know about the LNB etc was just wondering if it worked outside of the UK.

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Sky Q works in Italy

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Yeah defo new LNB

It is a big old dish so should be ok with the move, I think Sky changed it a while back as well (transponders that is)

Careful with the LNB.

From memory the Sky Q LNB is propriotory and designed for the elliptical non-prime focus mini-dishes in use here.

Larger dishes tend to be more circular and the biggest dishes tent to be prime focus.

If you’re using the wrong sort of LNB for the reflector then you might not be able to pull in a great signal.

How much of what the Sky Q box pulls in is sent via IP? Is it just the VoD content, or is there a constant phoning home? That might be an issue.

This is the thing, I am unsure. I would reckon there might be seeing as Sky actually own the box this time.

I mean it would be possible to VPN the traffic back home using something like a Raspberry Pi or a box of tricks from eBay or something.

To be honest I ditched Sky TV nearly 10 years ago the last time I had a box it phoned home with a 56k dial up modem. Assuming it’s Over ethernet/WiFi now?

My box in Spain is not connected to the internet or phone line and hasn’t been for years, in the UK I have it connected via ethernet.

I think Q is all wifi now and streams off the main box?

Makes sense.

Since we don’t take Sky subscription services, I’ve lashed together my own set up.

We’ve got Xiaomi Mi Android TV boxes that are connected to a server running TVHeadend.

Works brilliantly around the house and I have created a basic web front end so I can have a sort of SkyGo-lite experience.

We can also take the boxes with us and VPN and watch TV when we go away. Was using it quite successfully up a mountain in Poland last week.