Slow Apple Pay Service!


So, I tried to set up my TSB card with Apple Pay today. I’d already set it up before, but removed the card as I thought I was going to have to do a full phone reset as it kept freezing.

So I went back to try to add again my card to Apple Pay, and the text verification kept showing my old phone number, even though they have my new updated number.

Therefore, I called them and the line was so horrific, it sounded like I was talking to a Dalek. Anyway, I got told the correct number for me is on the system, so they were sending a pin to my phone in a text, but that doesn’t become active in 5 days and I’ve then got to ring them back in 5 days, give them the pin and they’ll do the registration.

It just shows how much fintechs are light-years ahead of these snail pace legacy banks.


Well it is TSB they are hardly not known for technical problems.

(What the Fork Dude?) #3

It might be left over legacy from LloydsTSB days. Lloyds for “security reasons” don’t let you make certain requests within 5 days or changing your mobile number.

What I don’t understand with TSB is why they can’t do what Lloyd’s do and manually activate your Apple Pay


I’ve applied to switch to Nationwide. I’m sick of the shoddy and poor service from TSB

I only switched to TSB at the start of March and so far I’ve had .

1- Conflicting messages from different people as to whether the account was open or not, resulting in me having to go to a branch appointment. They even confirmed in branch, it was fully opened and I’d been electronically verified, yet couldn’t get a straight answer from them over the phone beforehand!

2- Times where I couldn’t even access the app, kept freezing and I’ve had to keep uninstalling and reinstalling.

3- Times where Online Banking won’t load up properly on my chromebook.

4- Getting told via social media team to keep ringing back over issues and speak to somebody different, like I’ve got time just to keep calling their CS in the hope of getting a better response.

5- This with Apple Pay!

Does anybody else know with Nationwide how long the application takes? it said I’d been approved on the online application, but I got an email saying :

We’re just checking your application to see if we can open an account for you


Well don’t take this the wrong way, but why would you switch to TSB in March after all the constant issues its had for the last two years ?

If you choose to bank with such a well known problematic bank its the choice you took.

It’s TSB no one in there right mind would not expect problems, considering its in the news weekly lol.

Nationwide is hit an miss, took 4 months for them to open my account. I totally gave up with them, until 4 months later card arrived on my door step, and that was after the just checking your application message.


I’d seen them advertised on TV, and I naively didn’t think there would still be problems like this 12 months later.


I got the same email when I applied. They had opened my account 5 days later.


My experience with Nationwide was 2 working days for the approval email.


In fairness I’ve been with TSB for a number of years for their classic plus account and apart from that ginormous cluster duck that was the failed upgrade I never had any issues.

I’m still having an account with them, too - 5% is just too good to ignore in my books. (though I don’t think I’d trust them as my main let alone only account any more.)


Having read a number of your posts, you seem to be a serial switcher of current accounts - on occasion opening a new account with the same institution just weeks after closing the previous account.

I don’t know the reasons for this but suggest that you may want to leave such accounts open but dormant instead partly due to wondering what impact this is all having on your credit files… i.e you may find that banks decide you’re not the ‘type’ of customer they want as a result (I’m not saying this is the case here with Nationwide)


@anon56249527 did you use the refer a friend feature? :joy: The switching incentive is pretty good