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My house is rather smart in many senses, everything interconnects somehow, so there’s me speaking to Three about how horrendous the mobile signal was in Italy and I wasn’t happy, and then along comes an Huawei AI Cube for me to use as a 4g router while in Italy for the next two months.

I must admit, my Echo is now listed for sale on ebay, as the AI Cube is by far a much better speaker than the Amazon Echo.

Also the AI cube is getting speeds of 38mbps on Average, faster than most people’s normal broadband, I will obviously test it in Italy next week, but I’m actually rather impressed with it so far.

I don’t care that its Huawei and all that nonsense, after all if you are using a smart speaker you are going to be sharing information left right and centre, its the nature of them.


£219! Am about to buy a 4G router, but you can get them for £40 which leaves a lot of money left over for a smart speaker (albeit with 2 boxes!).

£13 a month for 6 months, then £26 a month for 6 months. £70 cashback through TopCashBack, loyalty discount credits to my three bill of £52, means its cost me £112, with unlimited internet in the UK, 19gb a month abroad. I will sell my echo for £30, which means its going to cost me £82. I spend more than that on Internet alone each year when travelling.

Your post @daedal was very good timing indeed as I was looking for a more flexible home broadband solution. So I decided to go with this deal, also through TopCashBack. The device arrived this morning and was simplicity itself to set up. And so far I am very impressed by the performance.

My old fibre service
I’ve been paying £24/month but is increasing to £33 in August for (up to) 34mbps traditional fibre including line rental:

The Huawei AI Cube
Unlimited data with Three, £13/month for 6 months, then going up to £26/month, with £70 tracked cashback tracked via TopCashBack:

And you’ve the flexibility you can take it anywhere in the world where Three have a roaming agreement.

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It’s a really nice piece of smart technology, the fact its a router as well is a great bonus.

It’s certainly a good concept and although (very) early days it’s very well implemented. There’s a standard Ethernet port to connect it to your existing network (on which my Synology DS1815+ NAS, my Philips Hue bridge, and Hive home hub all connect). All the other stuff connect to the AI Cube wirelessly.

The other brucy bonus is the device can sit in my office upstairs rather than having the router “on display” where your master phone socket is presented; so kinda de-clutters your living space.

And did I mention the connection is fast? Of course that’s down to local variation and how far away you are from your cell towers, but getting over 70mbps over 4G is quite impressive.

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The web portal is if you need it, password is your router one.

Cheers @daedal.

I changed the address of the AI Cube from the default of to (the same as my outgoing router), as I intend to use the AI Cube to provide all my home broadband needs. It was basically a drop-in replacement for my ISP’s router.

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