So, how's everybody holding up?

Well, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks.

I always thought that given I am paying a mortgage, it would be nice if I could spend more time at home… suddenly, it’s less appealing.

How’s everyone getting by?

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I’ve been stuck in Italy for weeks all going fine here relatively speaking. No shortage of supplies, obviously not safe but I still work just don’t travel at the moment, and I felt it was safer staying here rather than travel back to the UK where people are being complete idiot’s not being careful.


Glad you’re alright.

Not sure what part of Italy you’re in, but I know things have been difficult there and hoping that the situation starts to improve quickly.

I think the problem here is the usual one: the vast majority take things seriously and do as they are told… but there’s always that small group who think they are invincible, untouchable and that rules are just for other people.

I’ve had to travel a little bit today (longer than I would have liked to… but for a medical appointment organised by NHS111), and it is quiet out there and people do seem to be staying indoors on the whole.

Stay safe.

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No doubt it’s difficult, so much easier for me I use the net, most Italians don’t, so online ordering is new and a struggle for most so they have to go out, which in packed cities has no doubt increases infection rates. In the town I’m in for example is a regional capital and very rare I come across anyone with WiFi at home. Yes on phones, but most Italians don’t have smart phones unless they are young.

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Me and the Wife both at home. She can actually work from home, employed by Local Government so is able to pretty much carry on as normal, just not in the office. That being said, I’ve had to actually turn a corner of our living room into a proper office with a workstation, dual screens etc so she can work as relatively normally as possible. Me, I’m laid off until further notice as I cannot perform my day job from home. Being paid by my firm until end of the month and then on the 80% salary from the Government. I’m relatively lucky, I’m already drawing a pension, for most of my colleagues, not so great. Other than that, both of us staying in for much of the time only venturing out for a 1 hour walk per day.

I’m doing ok - I’ve barely left our tiny London flat for a week, but at least I have a secure job I can do almost as well from home.

My wife is a doctor in A&E at the royal london - I’m pretty anxious on her behalf to be honest, but she’s holding up well so far.

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A wife who lost her job just before things got serious.
Last week we go into household isolation and now my wife can’t get a new job!

Oh well at least with my key worker status and also being very busy I will have to make up the lost income.

Life for me has been pretty normal up to now.
I can’t do my job from home (public transport) so it’s out every day and for now, business as usual, albeit much quieter than normal.
I am missing my (very rare) trips to the pub, or just being able to go out on my day off, but currently coping.

Although today, we have heard that our company is looking to reduce service by up to 80% due to falling customer numbers, so I feel things are about to change.

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I was working from home fine and will be paid in full at the end of the month. Unfortunately, as we’ve had to close the business temporarily I’ll be on furlough leave after today. 80% pay capped at £2,500 will be crippling :frowning: I’ve requested a payment holiday on my mortgage from Halifax, so hopefully that’ll be approved.

I’m working from home on full pay, although hamstrung by my company having major problems scaling up its remote access infrastructure.

My wife is quite poorly - all the cv symptoms bar the fever. Kids and I have had milder symptoms. Isolating for another week at least, and going stir crazy. Nearly time for the 9am PE session.

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On a fintech note, I did wonder how the post-cv world might change (in this limited aspect). I can see more love for contactless and less for cash. Maybe more for non-physical interaction.

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I haven’t been out of the house since Thursday… It’s not bothering me much, because I’ve set up a home gym and the sun is lovely in front room and attic anyway. Drinking too much!

I can’t even put the rubbish out, because the neighbours’ toddlers are - quite rightly - out back almost all day.

Plenty of young kids on the street - last night, it was like a switch was flipped and you could hear at least three tantrums kicking off… :pensive:

Apart from about 6-10 hours each week when I go in to a school to teach some stage sound/lighting stuff to a group of students, I usually work from home anyway for the main job. I don’t socialise in public places all that much really and instead I tend to visit friends/family in their own homes (which has obviously now ended for the time being).

The school stuff has obviously been affected now with devastating timing as we were a week away from our major sixth form performing arts led show that we spend a lot of money on (5 figures) and still have to pay out that money because of clauses in contracts etc. Then within days reality hit and we realised we won’t see our sixth form leavers again this academic year and last Friday was effectively and suddenly their last day of school with us. Emotions were high and tears all round (including mine) but it is what it is and no doubt we’ll see them all informally in the future at some point.

As for the usual main job, nothing has changed there really. We all work remotely anyway and what we did have of an office/meeting room in a building just won’t get used (and mostly wasn’t used anyway except those that lived locally to it).

I can cope with staying at home and just going out to get essentials and a daily walk (or combining the two). I realise for some other people it must be much more disruptive though. The difference for me is in the mental attitude side of things because I chose this job and to work from home… but now the isolation is a requirement I feel more restricted even though nothing much has changed in my own activities.

I suspect that when things start to get back to normal it will be a “new” normal. I can see lots of changes happening, or things we do at this time sticking, and many of them good ones.

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Yes, that’s my thinking too. I wonder, for example, just how many small branches of chain / franchise operations will come out the other side. (There’s at least one McDonald’s near me which cries out to be shut down :flushed:)

If we’re focusing just on positives - which I think is a good idea for everyone’s mental health right now - I could see:

  • More love for local shops (my local food and wine shop is far more reliable lately than the supermarkets), providing they survive.
  • More hyperlocal chains and delivery services, e.g. farm shops, 2-3 shops in an area.
  • More acceptance of contactless and technology-delivered services that if done right can be inclusive (e.g. video calls for medical services, banking that doesn’t rely on branches).
  • More access to and awareness of services for those who are routinely isolated - ill, elderly, limited mobility, carers, etc.
  • More social contact through technology (not as a replacement for face-to-face interaction, but as a supplement and a help where it isn’t possible) - I’m contacting family much more now that they can get past landlines and Skype.
  • More appreciation for one’s immediate environment - parks, walks, shops, local facilities, neighbours and neighbourhoods.
  • Environmental gains - less unnecessary long-distance travel, less noise pollution.

Of course it would be naive not to see the negatives too and some of these could be double-edged swords, but here’s hoping for the best case.

I am working from home but it’s painful with remote working.

Personally waiting for a tighter lockdown. My work is still open and I wouldn’t say takeout is essential but we slip through due to food services being allowed to operate

It’s stupid - we’re doing card only contactless delivery only but people are quitting left & right because no one wants to work during a pandemic when everywhere else has closed

I thought you were a programmer.

House arrest - day four :laughing:

I’ve just spent the last two hours laying outside in my back garden on a sun lounger in glorious sunshine, so much so, I’ve caught the sun on my face.

Meanwhile, Wife is busy homeworking. I’m trying not to feel at all guilty, but I’ve done my bit yesterday, I went shopping for my elderly neighbours saving them at least a week waiting for a home delivery. I’m actually embarrassed that they’ve thanked me at least 3 times since, but for me, it’s just absolutely something that I can and should do.

Despite the continuance of this situation, I’m actually feeling rather relaxed about things. I’m now just waiting for a delivery from Amazon for some DiY stuff.

To anyone reading the forum that isn’t well or is feeling anxious/depressed, I can only give you my heartfelt wishes that things improve for you.


Must admit I’ve enjoyed today much better than the rest of the week. It really does make a difference when there’s not a cloud in the sky and you can take the laptop into the garden.

It’s not the warmest, so I’m sat out here in jeans and a big jumper - But I figured the vitamin D would be good for me.

I’m heading into the office tomorrow as there’s some talks that just can’t be done from home… and need to be done to make sure everyone else can keep working from home.

North Yorkshire Police have announced that from today they are setting up check points to make sure that there are no unnecessary movements … so that should be interesting.