Somebody who has been (poorly) pranking Monzo with URLs

Odd thread on the other place.

Firstly, was redirecting to Starling. Now it seems to be redirecting to FTT.

Anyone any idea what’s going on?

I presume it’s just someone playing silly buggers.

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You having fun with that @Liam changing now to this forum lol

Yeah, I noticed that this domain was pointed at us a couple of months ago when it came up as a referral address on Google Analytics.

I mean if somebody has so much cash available to them that they’ve buy and renew domains and point them to us then, meh!

It’s not the only one that redirected to us. My personal favourite was, I think,!

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Actually, the URL had an expletive in it which was pretty funny. I’ve put a few guesses into whois but can’t find it.

just been catching up and it seems that thread has been resurrected.