Square's CashApp in the UK

Anybody here using Square’s CashApp? I’ve downloaded, but it’s not something I’ve had cause to use yet.

It’s really popular in the US and seems to be how all GenZ and Millenials are are sending/receiving money while we are using the MonzoMe/Revolut/Pingit-type solutions.

The interface looks pretty nice… Unless you don’t much care for lime green.

I downloaded it when it came out, but have never used it. None of my friends had it, and they weren’t going to download a new app to do something they could already to in several other ways. If my friends already had it, I would probably use it as it looks quite nice.

It’d be nice if they brought their debit cards to the UK, but I can’t see that happening.

But paym which almost everyone should have looks like it went nowhere (at least anecdotally) :man_shrugging:

I’m assuming they don’t charge the 1.5% fee for instant deposits here (as unlike the US we have faster payments etc. - which is probably why things like this and Venmo took off). I can’t see a use for it personally, but it might be a good way for people who have ties to the US, with free transfers at the mid-market rate.