Starling Ads

New Starling ads popping up


I still think they need to sack the person that does their marketing, they have been doing advertising for months, and still have such a small amount of accounts.

A tagline of we’re out to get you, isn’t appealing, most will glance and not pay much attention.

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Whilst the teal might have been picked to be the opposite of Monzo’s pink cards, it does mean their adverts seem to blend in with so many other similarly coloured adverts.

I saw a massive billboard on the tube for Starling that was next to an equally massive & identically coloured billboard for a totally different company - meant that neither stood out.

Teal is certainly the colour of the moment in adland:


I really don’t get these ads: teal cards on teal background?! I’m but a humble developer, but my uninformed opinion is that I really can’t see the card at all…


To be honest, I think most people aren’t really bothered about what a card looks like and are unlikely to change banks because of it.

In fact, people aren’t really bothered about banking at all which is why switch rates in general are so low despite banks offering £100+ bribes, so I don’t think there’s really anything Starling could do with the ads to improve their numbers.


It seems that many would rather pay fees than switch banks :joy:

Plenty of people throw away their money everyday on cigarettes, coffee and booze, so why bother with an odd foreign transaction or an overdraft charge? :rofl:


Looks like an EE advert. Should have stuck with the purple.


Like I say constantly, whoever does their marketing needs sacking, its plain, boring, blends in, hardly a challenging advert.

Banking but better adds, could just as well be for any mobile payment system, you can’t even see the bank card.

Yeah that is really weird isn’t it that they make such a huge deal about the card and its colour and then camouflage it in a background of exactly the same colour so it can’t be seen. Utterly pointless and uninspiring.


I’m in London today. The ads are everywhere but the real on teal is a fail. Also I’m not getting a USP for the product, why would it make me change. Saying that I did see someone double back in the tube station to read it fully. Maybe with all the publicity.on systems failures with legacy systems they could play on that.

It’s not odd for me :frowning:

Spot the difference

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Teal is the new Teal :thinking::rofl:

They definitely don’t care about partially sighted people. When you have problems seeing, the white won’t stand out on the teal.

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They should hire some of the N26 marketers :slight_smile:

i love teal. you’re all wrong.

I painted my kids room teal (proper teal tho, not starling pretend green/blue)

Is there an EE ad to the left as well? :joy:

An article about starling on threes offers app wuntu. I presume they had to pay to have that featured there unless three just likes them. A lot of people will probably see it.


The cooking kit looks interesting!

Ad wise they are some of the better Starling ads I have seen

But aren’t all my other banking apps mobile only? :smile: :smile:

Makes sense to advertise in a way that gives them time to talk about the benefits of changing banks, as the Starling difference can’t be communicated in a snappy way like other banks (Come and we give you £125! Our interest rate is 5! We are no 1 in customer service!) so outdoor adverts are inefficient.

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