Starling and Monzo


Does anyone have Starling and Monzo?



Because I have Monzo and want starling as well

Both are very different, I have both and use both. Starling is more a normal bank to me, where as Monzo is more of a risk taker in the way they adapt and change.

I had monzo but don’t use it anymore. I’ve had starling for a while.

What do you want to know?

I have to admit, although I can see the point of running a legacy High Street bank such as Nationwide for it’s packaged account alongside a fintech bank, and I’m a Starling customer myself, I couldn’t really see the point of running two fintech banks alongside one another. Different folks have different views and requirements though. For instance, I see some people want a Monzo account because of its getting paid early facility. That’s not something that interests me personally. Each to their own.

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I just wanted to know who if any had both and I’m not sure whether to have both or switch to Starling or do nothing.

I also High street bank Metro.

I think you just have to decide if there are any significant advantages to having both a Starling and a Monzo account. And so I’ll ask the question, why do you want a Starling account? Something has clearly spurned you to want a Starling account, but what is it?


I reckon lots of folk have both. Part of that is about curiosity and the collectamania (?) which goes with fintech. Some wear their array of cards with pride.

A simple answer to your question is - go on then. Easy enough to do - takes just a few minutes as you’d probably expect.

You can’t mess about with Starling though. If you close that account, you’re pretty much snookered for a year or so.

Monzo, of course, don’t hamper you returning to them if you leave for any reason.

It’s for you to judge. If you want an account which comes with a large busy forum, well, you’ve got that already.

Starling is a sharper more professional offering. Less noise and, dare I say it, more grown-up.

Help yourself :grinning:


Part of the reason why I’d personally never have a Monzo account, is that having once been a registered member of their forum and then subsequently left because I found it just too unfriendly, I’d just feel demographically unwelcome. It’s my belief they definitely have steered themselves to a more youthful audience. I don’t get that feeling with Starling.

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I have both for different reasons.

Monzo my personal day to day spending account

Starling is the account as a family we use when on holiday, allows us to view spending in real time and manage how much we spend to ensure don’t spend more than we can safely afford.

I have both.
I like Starling for increased round-ups (x10) and cheque imaging as well as Post office functionality.
I like Monzo for payments from pots and the budget tool to me is really user friendly.
I think it’s going to be different to others that’s for sure.

I’d have to say that it feels as though Starling is when you have been to uni and worked for a few years whereas Monzo feels as though your a fresher again.
This isn’t a criticism just doesn’t at times feel grown up. They moved the projects they work on.
Monzo was innovative but now I think it is lagging behind some legacy banks like Lloyd’s & Barclays.

I prefer the lighter colours used in the Monzo app.

Thanks to you all for your contribution much appreciated. I going to open won as I believe there is something in it for me.

Starling are ahead of Monzo now with the role out of new features (Connected Card, Cheque imaging) and credit cards if and when.
Monzo ahead on Marketplace with the Savings accounts.

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Depends on your view. If you mean integrations, absolutely. In terms of interest(however small), compared direct to same supplier, not at all.

Does Starling have interest-paying savings accounts or savings marketplace? I haven’t got a Starling account and can’t see any info on savings accounts this on their website

No it doesn’t. The Marketplace consists of CreditLadder, Anorak (insurance), churchill (insurance), so-sure (mobile insurance), Flux, Tail (loyalty points at limited places), Habito (mortgage brokers), PensionBee, Wealthify (investing) and Wealthsimple (investing).


I opened one today and still waiting to find out if I’ve been accepted. How long does it take to approve.

It’s possible it may take slightly longer on a weekend, and depending on how the virus has affected their business operations.

Just got accepted and have now completed the process, all I need us to wait for the card :+1:

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