Starling App New Navigation

These changes are welcomed as navigating was beginning to feel messy and disjointed. The new changes can be switched on from the settings menu and tried out today.


Hmm. Never really been a fan of bottom navigation bars - I suppose if I was an iOS user I would be used to them.

Seems like a backwards step to me - but what do I know.


And yet they’ve still got that damn green button! Surely if they are going to have a tab bar at the bottom, the transaction feed could be one of the tabs…

Yeah I saw that.
Worst of both worlds!

Same feeling here. Seems like the old nav

It’s horses for courses. I can see why the bank would prefer to run with one UI. It’s easier to explain to people by support.

If you’re used to it (and iOS users will be), then it’s second nature. I’m used to material design, hamburger buttons and slide-in menus.

God knows how that green button persists. I mean stuck out before (as it doesn’t perform an action) - now it’s just alien to the rest of the UI.

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I don’t like it.

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But I’m sure Joe Merriman does. His energy is tireless. :blush:


OK, so I have enabled the new navigation so I can have a play.

So the old navigation had its quirks.

My biggest bugbear was that there was no real need for the accounts selector to be its own menu. This could have easily have been accommodated within the main menu, in the same way that you move between email accounts in gmail.

Second was that some of the items in the menu were a little odd - I mean why are loans and spaces in the same item… It always looked like an afterthought.

But the new navigation seems to have been designed to make the app less intuitive and harder to use (and for them to add new features to).

Instead of improving the design they had, they’ve decided to move to the more haphazard route of giving you five shortcuts that are permanently displayed (regardless of whether you need them or not at that precise moment) and then trying to shoe-horn everything that didn’t fit into one of those categories into whatever secondary menu systems are available.

This is messing around with something for the sake of it. The white bar is ugly, menu functionality is impaired as a result and you will now have to spend longer hunting for lesser-used functions.

If Starling is reading this, please don’t inflict this crap on me.


So, does that mean you don’t like it? :joy:

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Haha. Trying to be objective, I suppose I just have to chalk it down as a reasonable design choice - just one that is not to my taste.

Honestly think that if I had spent years as an iPhone user, I would be thinking ‘whats the big deal’.

I prefer a single expandable hamburger menu over a screen real estate hogging shortcut bar and then stuffing everything that doesn’t fit into some other place.

Always thought that Starling’s (android) implementation was on the right track (with a couple of tweaks needed). This update is going to bring all the criticisms I’ve made about Revolut’s app into the one fintech app that until now I have actually enjoyed using.

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In Starling’s defense though, even Google are making similar mistakes of late.

The new UI on their android YouTube app is another where they’ve opted for a big, ugly white shortcut bar.

No doubt that this will be reversed after a year or two.

Really not a fan of that white shortcut bar! It’s also a bit of a mission to find the marketplace now.

By the sounds of it, too few people found it for it to be a profitable endeavour in the first place!


I found new layout a bit better… but it still to complicated to switch between accounts

They should do what Revolut used to do, change the context of the account when you swipe over the balance

Hold on the icon in top right


Thanks Graham! :laughing:

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Installed Starling on my new phone today and no option in settings to try out navigation bar, despite being same app version as on my old Samsung.

Won’t lose sleep over it though.

Wow! Thanks!