Starling as main account

Hi all,

I’ve used Starling now for a fair few years as a day to day spend account and I really like the app, so I’m planning on switching my main account from another bank to Starling, making this the account that my salary goes into and that my direct debits go out of.

Does anyone here have any experience with Starling as their main account? Something I’m somewhat paranoid about is fraud, and I know that some of the main high street banks have guarantees to pay you back if you’re a victim of fraud that isn’t your fault (like hacking into online banking, card being nicked, card being copied, transactions not done by you etc…).

Do Starling have anything like this in terms of fraud prevention? Do they do anything less than what you’d expect from any bank in terms of fraud prevention and compensation?

As this would be my main account, having access to it is also really important. I know that Monzo have had a really and time recently with press coverage about Monzo suspending/closing down accounts more frequently than most banks, but is this something also affecting Starling but isn’t well known about?


Starling has been my main bank account for almost 2 and a half years now. No problems at all, I’m very happy with them.

I know they signed up to the Authorised Push Payment Fraud voluntary code, which means if you are scammed into sending money somewhere and you haven’t been negligent, you get your money back.

Like all banks, you’ll be able to find stories of people losing money or having their account closed. In my experience, play by the rules and there won’t be any issues.