Starling Bank - Something Coming!

Oooooo, the suspense!

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Integration with Nutmeg. The branding is the same as Nutmeg’s site.

Be interesting to see how this works.

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Oh… deflated.


Same, all I want is a regular linked savings account… (an area where Monzo is doing a better job even if the savings rates aren’t great.)

Instead I’m having to get Marcus to change my nominated account over to my Starling current account details.

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The quicker Starling realise that their Marketplace is a complete and utter waste of time the better. It’s utter turd. It was once said that by the end of 2018 (or could have been 2019) that there was supposed to be over 30 marketplace partners. That’s telling alone because there’s only a few.

There’s quite a few for Business users.

I was interested in Anorak at first, but then they don’t do the self-employed.

I can see plugins having more traction for business generally though

That may be true but for personal accounts there’s a tiny amount of partners and for the joint account… even less.

The market place was never really that great an idea for Starling. They’ve tended to chose bottom quartile business to deal with or very limited choice, Insurance for example, it just so happens I insure my cars with Churchill, however the chances of them being the right insurer for the majority of customers homes is minimal and frankly whats the point of the link to each other?