Starling Bank to open second UK office

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They’re putting that funding from RBS to good use.

I wonder why they chose Southampton

Edit… read the whole article

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Thanks for the post.

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Good to see. Does anyone know what their tech stack is?


This is very good news and a very positive step for Starling. It’s good that they recognise the importance of moving outside of London as that is what will be essential for their longterm future.

I may have had issues with Starling in the past, but Anne and her team really must be congratulated. Everything they’ve achieved in such a short space of time really is awe-inspiring!

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I don’t think they have ever said.

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Agreed, although I used to poo poo Starling watching what they are doing now seems to be better than some other banks out there.


Shame Starling don’t have any graduate positions or internships" to my knowledge, I could use with an internship over summer.


They definitely do offer internships sometimes, as I remember reading it somewhere. It might be worth asking the team on Twitter where you can keep updated.


Their backend is Java - I talked briefly to one of their devs at their Christmas event a couple of years ago.

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I think they are looking to offer more internships soon

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Interesting. If they’re looking to upgrade to Scala I’d be well up for it!


You spelled Kotlin wrong :clap::smirk: