Starling bounce back loan complaints

I’ve not applied personally and read a few people here were happy with Starling Bounce back loan.

Starling not looking particularly trustworthy to business customers over this.

They’ve put a lot of effort in recently to make themselves known to small businesses (TV commercial, etc), now they’re endangering that hard work.

They’re potentially in for some reputational damage over this - Shouting ‘we did nothing wrong’ likely to compound this.

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This particular exchange just looks like incompetence…


I have an open complaint with starling regarding my application which I’ll refer to Martyn Lewis as well. Mass declines on one day would obviously be something the regulator will have issues with, they have also admitted they have changed how they process applications now, so they know they declined when they shouldn’t

Looks like they’re doing a far better job of BBL than Barclays or HSBC, numerous complaints about those banks taking weeks to process then decline applications.

I suspect Starling also got so many applications it impacted on their balance sheet possibly getting very close to regulatory levels on issued borrowing

I’ve got a problem with Starling (and Tide) with regard to bounce-back loans, which is that it’s seriously over-stretching their general customer services function (which was flimsy to begin with!). I am desperately looking for a challenger bank that has NOT got involved with bounce-back loans… Any ideas?

I’m pretty sure Monzo hasn’t embraced them.

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If you read the comments from Martin Lewis he clearly states more complaints about starling then the others, he admits other banks are getting complaints

Probably because he recommended starling to his readers a few days before, so where will they go back to moan?

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Yes and he clearly stated he did that. So not sure the relevance, he’s not hidden that at all.

Not saying he did. Just that it is no wonder HE has heard more complaints from the people HE recommended them to. Why would a HSBC customer who doesn’t follow Martin complain to him about HSBC? Can you see the why the complaints he’s heard could be skewed

Well its been over 8 weeks since my complaint, and no response at all from Starling.

I’ve chased them up twice and not even got a response from me chasing them up.

Wow - That’s not going to help their reputation at a time when they are actively trying to entice business customers.

If it’s been 8 weeks with no response then take it to the ombudsman.

No, I’ll take it to Facebook, Twitter and so on first, and Money Saving Expert and so on.

Then I’ll go to the Ombudsmen.

There poor handling of this needs to be made public, it’s now about principle.

I have no issue it taking 8 weeks or longer, but I do have an issue with them ignoring requests.

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8 weeks is the minimum time before a complaint to the ombudsman is what I was meaning so now you can take it to them as the next step in the complaints process.

Have you tweeted them at all yet? I’ve certainly had pretty immediate responses from otherwise non-responsive outfits when I resorted to Twitter.

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Oh dear. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes quick response telling me I’ll get a response to my complaint by 5.30pm today

The fact you have to publicly ask is not very modern and fintech really.

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