Starling Business & Multiple PSC's

So i found more than a few bugs in the latest Starling App but something very interesting too.

1st the bugs… all my account info is out date and the app thinks I haven’t finished buinsess account application despite have two business accounts for a long time now.

On the interesting front two new options have appeared. One is “Been invited by email to join an application”

other is that it seems to allow multiple PSC’s now. I just put in a company name that has multiple PSC’s and it allowed me to the next step of account setup.


Funny, I noticed that last night too.

Was moving my business account from a crappy old iPhone to my crappy old Android phone and saw that there was a new option for those invited to have access to the account.

I am hopeful that one day this might be my ticket to being able to bring my business account onto the same device that I have my personal and joint accounts with.


Have you tried the account application for the multi psc to see how far it gets. I don’t have one I can complete an allocation with

I just get a screen that tells me they are not yet able to offer me an account.

Seems fair - I already have one.

What I need is to find some place to be able to invite somebody to the account. That, so far, is missing.

Seems like it should be available though… It’s entirely concevable that a company would employ an accounts (team) that might need access without them having a controlling stake in the company.

I did email about this yesterday as in the ‘new account’ tab it had the business I had that had been dissolved and so I closed the account for and actually asked me if I wanted to finish my application for an account I’d already had and closed!

On the multiple PSC, I was tempted to do my bolshy ‘Get me the manager’ stuff I tend to do with Starling and email Hessie to try find out ahead of time how it will work. The second they go live I need to add my other director at Companies house, then keep fingers crossed the system can cope with adding someone to an existing account. I can quite imagine they’d turn round and say “oh, we haven’t built that functionality yet, you’d need to open a new account”, which after a year with this one would leave me raging.

My partner (in life, not business) is going to do a multi PSC application. I’ve asked her to get screenshots

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Thanks, this explains why I’m seeing my company twice and an incomplete application

I have multiple directors already but they are all under the 24% threshold which is why I can have an account

I thought this was a just a standard side effect of being in the cutting edge of Fintech :grin:

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Yeah, I think I mentioned before that they sorta said I could do that, but not to purely for this reason; that they weren’t sure if the system would be able to cope when the multiple PSC adding directors that are already there so to speak but not a PSC, and it would be better if possible to hold fire until launch.

It’s good to know yours has been OK so far, I just remember the debacle of all those people not being able to open a personal account after opening a business one and am preparing for the worst :see_no_evil: :joy:

It doesn’t let me get past this screen with a multi PSC

So when you put those details in, you go to this screen and it’s impossibly to close it without force quitting the app :rofl:

There is updated version 0.92.1 in App Store. Maybe they fixed this?

Had twitter notification from Starling few minutes ago that they support multi business accounts now… a bit later the tweet was removed

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They moved tweet to Starling Business


Great to see this out in the public!

Seems telling them off got them moving to get it released. :laughing::laughing:

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I’m about to do it again! To go from a single PSC account to a multi PSC account you literally have to close the old one and then reapply for a new one for the same company. I asked for the old one to be closed virtually as soon as it was launched and it still appears to be open as of now meaning I can’t start the new application. I was hoping that given this extra faff of having new account deets and having to get a new card etc they would at least make the closing then re-opening process lightning fast. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

My partner (in life not in business) just opened a new one. The list of questions for multi psc’s seems a lot more extensive for account opening than I remember.

I am going to ask customer service if multi psc functionality means I can invite my FD to have access to the account even though he isn’t listed at Companies House (as his shareholding is below the threshold)

Popped up on my Google feed.

Just as an update to this:

I had a moan on twitter

and after a bit of back and forth they agreed it was a bit poor making me wait up to 7 days to close the old account to open up another, and have just said in an in-app message if i’m happy for them to do so they will close the old one within the hour so I can get on with the new application.

Again, it seems like if you actually politely engage them instead of just taking the initial cut-paste as the final answer they’re happy to do whats necessary to make it work. I dont know if it was general CS, or if tagging in Anne and Helen Bierton helped, either way that’s a result i’m very pleased with, what i hope and expect from Starling.

In other news, i still find it a little creepy when you’re talking to someone on twitter without giving any identifiable details and they then send a message in-app in a 'we know who you are’ sense. Maybe I really am on the Starling dartboard in office :joy::joy::joy:


That’s good that they are actually able to sort it out, Hopefully they continue to have some flexibility for their CS to make decisions. Its to common a theme to ring someone up only to have to go through the 500 page book step by step because the CS has no mind of their own.

That is though a bit of an oversight, it happens, but you’d think that would have been the second use-case they would have tested. :smile:

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