Starling: Cheque Imaging & In-App Deposits

Oh well, wrote a short reference on my latest cheque, just cleared, but no sign of the reference in the app. :pensive:

I realise we’re a small subset of users but I am curious about cheque numbers.

  • Cheques?? What is thing you speak of
  • 1-5 Cheques per month
  • 5-10 Cheques per month
  • More than 10 Are you kidding I can’t live with needing to bank cheques

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Personally I don’t handle cheques ever (business or personal) and I am on the side of the argument that says the government should just give a date and get rid of them. I however realise this doesn’t work for everyone so here’s a poll for Friday

I’d love cheques to disappear (along with paying-in books and coins smaller than 5p in denomination) but I can’t completely avoid them.

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I’m ok with 5p coins but I agree that 1p and 2p coins have had their day as well. I just think that if the Gov said “from January 1st 2020 cheques will no longer be valid” people will complain but they’ll also just get on with changing over.

I think the is merit in the whole argument about accessibility for the elderly but it could create a new area of fintech much like the Doro phone fulfils a need for easier to use phones

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Woah! Slow down there cowboy.

If they get rid of 2p’s, how will I ever feel as rich as a King in the arcades by the seaside?

Not to mention the ability to give my kids something to do for an hour, only costing me a couple of quid - Compared with £2 per play on some ridiculous shooting dinosaur game!

apologies @anon63276888. I’m off to Hastings this week and just had the same thought as I wouldn’t be able to play the coin drop shelf thing in the arcade

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Load em up mate! Listen to that sweet crash of 2p’s falling from those machines.

Having spent an hour, £10 on 2p’s, and having to fend off the vultures waiting to take your prize - That small plastic toy, worth 50p, will be absolutely worth it.


Once in a blue moon wasn’t on the list. :rofl:

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Just opened a Halifax account to just deposit cheques in the app then transfer to Starling.

Don’t have many cheques, normally it’s Birthday/Christmas money or a refund. At least with Halifax I don’t have to go to a branch.

Would like in Starling but not a deal breaker.

That’s a much better idea than waiting in a queue in a Post Office or posting them :+1:t2:

Complained to Starling. Was told “Joe” was incorrect to tell me in a previous message that this was possible. :rage:

I get a few cheques each month (personal and business) but agree that cheques should be scrapped. However, a bank refusing to accept cheques isn’t the answer. Banks need to stop issuing cheque books first.

New screen on the last update. Must be close…


Took me a minute or so to find that, but yes, tantalizing!

If Starling launch cheque depositing by phone soon, that’ll undoubtedly get up the noses of people who’ve continually whined over at Monzo about the lack of ability to deposit cheques via phone. I rarely have anything to do with cheques these days, but I can see for those that do use them, mucking about sending them by post must be an absolute pita.

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It’s not really a nuisance to send them in the post but it’s a big delay.
It’s over a week to get a cheque cleared at present.
I’m desperate to get cheque imaging working asap

Similar screen in the current Android version.


Have to admit, with in-app cheque scanning and Euro accounts I’m seriously considering reopening (well, registering from scratch) my Starling account.

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…aaand did it, bit the bullet and started a new account. Very smooth other than a 10-minute wait to talk to CS on the phone as I couldn’t reuse my mobile number to signup (it was still associated with my old, closed account).

Once that was sorted I was up and running again in minutes, Apple Pay immediately available. The relatively frictionless signup process with Starling (and, to be fair, Monzo) really is one of their biggest strengths.

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Though how long is “soon”? Don’t banks only have very limited windows to add cheque imaging, if I remember that was an excuse Monzo used as they had missed one opportunity and it was months till the next?

They have windows they can test in.
With starling this bit is done afaik and it is pretty much ready to turn on.

Not relevant with the new banks, they don’t clear, so are not subject to the rules. In Starling’s case cheques are cleared through Natwest, so any system they design will work with that system, but is not subject to deadlines, because Starling does not have to accept digital cheques.

With Monzo it literally was an excuse, they also use Natwest to clear cheques.