Starling Credit Card Chit-Chat

Hello everyone.

According to the rumour mill, the launch of the Starling Credit Card is happening summer 2019, which means it should be upon us soon. Am very excited for it as I’ve been on the market for a second credit card (currently using Nationwide’s Select Credit Card), and was considering Tandem for the longest time. Hearing that Starling might be releasing one soon has made me hold off and wait to see what they deliver instead. Anyone else looking forward to this? What kinds of features would you like?

Travel-friendly (no fees or commission of any sort for purchases or withdrawals abroad) and a permanent one-month no-interest grace period are a must for me. That’s basically what I have now. A decent cashback on worldwide purchases and a colour that’s not teal would be icing on the cake. If it can be linked to both the Euro and GBP accounts, that would be the absolute best. Do you have a wish list?

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I too have a Nationwide Select credit card, though seldom used these days as my British Airways AMEX card has taken over because of the Avios Points which are more useful to me these days. I also have a Virgin Money credit card that came with 28 months interest free, useful for expensive purchases that I I don’t want to fork out all in one go for.

As for a Starling credit card. Well for me, it would have to offer something quite special for me to go for it. I like very long interest free periods, but I just can’t see Starling offering a card like that.

Not bothered about the colour of the card. There are worse colours than teal… damask, violet and sky blue pink for instance. As long as the card isn’t made out of bloody metal.

I want a Starling metal card :frowning: it’s the only plastic debit card I have left!!

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A Starling Credit Card would basically need to offer fee-free foreign purchases, which I’m sure it will, and be nicely integrated into the app. That’s it. It will immediately become one of my most used cards along with Amex and Jaja. All three of the major card providers covered :grinning:

Why wouldn’t you just go with Tandem if you need a Visa / Mastercard? I can’t see what Starling can offer, other than integrating with spending data - which is risky and confusing depending on how they manage it, because the payments for me won’t actually be for another 4 weeks, and other people will just pay it off more slowly.

I would have thought the Starling credit card would be for people who can’t be bothered to shop around and don’t care about getting the best rates.

Poor interface.

Severely sub-standard credit limit with no possibility to increase it.

Rates don’t matter if you pay the card off in full every month and prudently use credit as a tool (Case study: AMEX).


I’d be interested in a Startling credit card if it could be set to work in (ahem) tandem with the current account, so every time you spend on the credit card, an equivalent amount was moved into a special pot, which would automatically pay off the card on the due date.
This could potentially be worked into the spending analysis.

Obviously, this is only a model which would work for those of us who pay off in full, with the interest on the amount in the special pot effectively acting as the cashback.

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The app, the maximum credit limit, the paper statements… all put me off.

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I like the idea of having a credit card with Starling, as it’ll just be simpler to manage everything in the one app, and it should be a really slick experience.

But saying that, I guess having all your eggs in one basket increases risk should something go wrong with Starling.

I’m also guessing they’ll use Mastercard like they do for their debit card? I had hoped to move onto Jaja, what with it being Visa, but alas, that was not to be.

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No, but I mean benefits and well as costs here. Starling are competing with lots of established companies in the credit card space, some of which offer better rates abroad, some offer bonus points etc. etc. Starling will be going for the customer who wants an easy life, same when they eventually offer mortgages :slight_smile:

Amex and tandem, cash back.

Starling need to match that for it to be worthwhile.

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The money is in sub prime lending, there is no benefit to Starling to launch a cash back card, not saying they won’t do so. But there is no benefit to do so.

Most people using Cash Back cards, pay off a balance, it means the bank relies on interchange fees, hardly any profit in that.


Paper statements are gone now. Is the credit limit low? Mine is decent. App is simple but does job

I almost did go with Tandem. But it’s the convenience of having my credit card with the same bank and the integration with the existing app that attracts me. However, it is important first to see what Starling actually offer compared to the competition before I commit. It’s a very crowded market - heck, even Apple is in on the game now - and so I’m really excited to see how they make themselves stand out.

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I’m also really looking forward to the credit card, but I really hope they don’t make the flipping card teal. All I need is another one and that’ll be three cards which are identical! They really should have sorted the joint account cards out at this stage - alongside overdrafts and the other personal account features that were not included due to a rushed launch. It’s a year on and still not sorted.

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I tend to agree with you. However, it’s made me wonder, do any banks do a debit card for a joint account that is different? I’ve only had a joint account once about 15 years ago and I don’t recall the card being any different from my personal account.

True but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing. They also stated that they would have different cards in black and white… well on the forum and then deleted the thread, the forum and everything else relating to it.

That’s why I said I agree with you :slight_smile: It just occurred to me that if nobody does it (I think Monzo do?) then it’s about time they did as it’s an obvious thing to do!

Monzo still have pink for their joint. It does say joint on it, as does starling

Ah, so it is specifically card colour we are talking about here. Fair enough :slight_smile: