Starling does SCA

Hi Neil,

We’re making a change to how you make contactless payments. It’s designed to keep your money safe (while keeping in line with some new regulations that all UK banks now have to follow). Here’s what to expect…

We’ll be asking for your PIN a little more regularly when you pay with contactless.

After you make five contactless payments in a row (or once your payments have totalled £135) you’ll be asked to enter your card in the machine and enter your PIN. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your card or account – rather, it’s called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), and it’s just another way for us to keep your money as safe and secure as possible.

Peace of mind.

We’re making this change because of the Payment Service Directive II, which is a European law that’s being ushered in industry-wide to improve the security of your payments and prevent fraud. By introducing SCA, we’re making sure that when someone’s using contactless on your card – that someone is definitely you.

Oh, and remember, if you forget your PIN, you can find it easily in the card section of your app.

Got questions? Read more over on the Starling blog.


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