Starling dominate the British Banking Awards 2019


Starling had an epic night tonight, bringing home 3 awards

  1. Best business account provider.
  2. Best current account provider
  3. Best British bank!

Congrats to everyone at Starling (whomever may be reading this! :partying_face:)

Monzo took home the best banking app (which, I know many of you disagree with, but I agree with that one!)

Can’t argue with the rest though - Great news for the FinTechs.


Don’t want to start an argument but I don’t understand how the monzo app is better :thinking:


Purely UI for me, but like I said in a different thread, this is very subjective.

Both Mozo and Starling are guilty of hiding things in menu mazes, but Monzo does it slightly better.

It must have been closely contested, no app is much better than the rest.


It must be subjective because I would have said monzo is ugly and everything is all over the place.

I don’t think there is much in it especially if we are just talking about UI. I understood when natwest won the best app award as they had that feature that allows you to withdraw cash with just a code.

(Dan Mullen) #5

Fantastic achievement for Starling, particularly the Business Banking award. They beat last year’s winners HSBC to that one.

(Manda) #6

Well done starling.

(Ashley Quint) #7

I find the Monzo app cluttered and not very elegant. Very pleased for Starling, and especially good for the business side.

(Lawrence Ferguson) #8

I agree with all…even Monzo app one… :zipper_mouth_face:


Yeah, I also find the Monzo app less appealing than the Starling app and find it messy and all over the place. I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


A brilliant achievement for Starling and very well deserved!

(Dave Alderton) #11

I agree on the app, don’t like the Monzo one either. I find it confused, the Starling one for me flows and makes sense and I like the look.

As people have said it is subjective and obviously lots of people like the Monzo one.

Well done to both. The next year will be interesting, as I feel we have Monzo with the numbers but not quite there in their offering and looking how to be profitable Vs Starling with a much more solid offering without the numbers.

Starling’s logical objective would seem to be advertising and growth in numbers which following these awards I would anticipate a surge of advertising.

I hope Monzo do sort themselves out from what seems like a number of miss steps recently. I am an interested observer, more from a strategic angle as from the outside it looks slightly all over the place at the moment.


I wonder how many of the “mis steps” will affect people though. I agree that they were terrible decisions, but without the forum, I’d bet a huge number of their customers wouldn’t have a clue.

Taking nothing away from the results, but the fact it’s customer voted always makes me a bit sceptical (just like with any customer voted poll).

For those who don’t know, Starling also won best bank last year.

I believe 500,000 get their salary paid into Monzo (I think it was roughly a third of customers last time I looked), which is a decent amount of people.

I’d imagine the percentage is higher with Starling, but the physical number will be lower.

It surprises me that Monzo don’t always win these votes, as their customer base (well, the limited customer base I can see), are mostly very voicifourous in their support.

You’d expect that to translate into popular opinion polls.

I hope Starling gets a surge in customers off the back of this, as you kind of feel it’s the one big push they need.

(Dave Alderton) #13

I agree that they may not directly affect people but it may dent the confidence in the brand for some people which may then affect recommendations etc.

You can see from some posters that it is happening and while not in great numbers at the moment, if they keep doing it then it will eventually have an effect.

As I said I hope they sort it out, although I prefer Starling the competition is good as I am sure some of the features in Starling (round ups for one) are only borne out of the fact that Monzo had it.

(sam) #14

When you look at the voting figures. Starling received three times as many votes as monzo. Despite monzo having three times as many customers.
And the voting was done before the recent monzo mess ups, so maybe they wouldn’t do so well now.


Do you have a link to where the votes are shown?

(sam) #16


Just look at trustpilot, starling has actively went after those reviews, monzo hasn’t bothered.


I’m probably in the minority here but I way prefer the transaction feed in Monzo - I just feel it flows so much better. I’d also say making payments is easier for me on Monzo.
I do like starling and do use the app but Monzo edges for me.


I think what we should take from this is that between them two new fintech banks won best British Bank and best app. That’s extremely impressive and most importantly means they are real competition to the bigger banks.



Again, taking nothing away from Starling/Monzo, as they are the “great hope” in challenging the high street banks, but all I take away from this is they encourage and court a new type of banking customer.

One that will give them some slack, but also go out of their way to promote and vote for them.

The number of votes were much lower than I’d thought (3132 for Starling to win, that seems so small).

What it does show is that a lot of people DO like the new banks, and as they get more recognition, hopefully more people will join!