Starling for Android: change log

Let’s keep this thread purely about what’s new, what’s gone, what’s broken and what’s fixed in each new release of Starlings app for the Android platform.

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I still have the issue with unconfirmed direct debits appearing in my scheduled payments since the last update.

Sent them a message and they didn’t even reply. Usually they’re quite good at fixing obvious bugs quite quickly so don’t know what has changed.

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  • By popular demand, if you own more than one business, you can now create a different Starling for Business account for each of them!
  • You might notice that Loans and Goals are looking a little lovelier – and that’s because we’ve given those sections some TLC.
  • Finally, as ever, we’ve been bugging bugs; this week mainly small issues around fingerprint login and payee creating. We’ve also made the application process for Android devices easier and more consistent.

Persistent bugs include the lack of goal images on joint accounts (except for the partner who picked the image!)

Do you use android then?

Just got a reply to my bug report, they have said they’ll look into it. That was a lot slower than usual, must be busy!

Yeah, I’m an Android user. Have also used on iOS - prefer Android!

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Have you noticed the same issue with direct debits appearing in scheduled payments?

How’s it supposed to work? My scheduled list is mostly DDs.

I’ve had two direct debits appear that shouldn’t be there saying transfer unconfirmed. Another direct debit I cancelled about 5 months ago has reappeared and you cant cancel them.

Mine look OK. Checked both the personal and joint accounts. Nothing unusual for me.

Just surprised they haven’t fixed it as it’s such an obvious issue.

I had a response saying they have passed it on. I have the same problem.

Did anyone have any issues with duplicate scheduled payments to goals on the 15th? 3 of mine went twice - just to goals luckily.



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Just a few pre-holiday updates today.
• We’re shaking things up on your home screen with a little festive surprise (hint: give your phone a shake!).
• As ever, we’ve also continued to fight the good fight against bugs.