Starling for iOS: change log

Let’s keep this thread purely about what’s new, what’s gone, what’s broken and what’s fixed in each new release of Starling’s app for the iOS platform.


9 Sep 2018

This week, we’re launching Nearby Payments, which allows you to pay or get paid by other Starling customers if they’re nearby – no sort codes or account numbers required! Tap on Nearby Payments from your Payments screen to get started.

We’re also making the Starling experience - including Apple Pay, Insights, Goals, Settle Up and Nearby Payments - available to customers aged 16 and 17 (although they won’t be eligible for an overdraft or loan).


17 Sep 2018

New this week:
• By popular demand: if you own more than one business, you can now create a different Starling for Business account for each of them!
• We’ve also played around with the look and feel of Goals.
• Set up a Marketplace partner? You can now easily swipe on them to find and use the different products they offer.
• Finally, we’ve given the way your app starts up some TLC - it looks a little nicer now, plus it should be faster too.

“Played around”. Not a term I’m fond of

Me neither!

Fortunately, it’s very minor changes (compared to those on Android), the progress bar is now a little thinner so that the transparent white bar forms a border around it improving visibility on certain background images, and the background to the “New Goal” button bar is slightly transparent.

Not working for me. This is the main screen and main profile menu

3 closes and opens later and it’s back

Goals with no pic now have teal background. Prefer the white

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I like the new goals layout looks clean and fresh to me.

Cannot see any noticable difference to the loading of the app to be honest.

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Version 0.69.0

Round ups are here!! :partying_face:

Version 0.70.0

Here’s this week’s…round up:

• In the likely event that that cryptic clue went straight over your head – we’re excited to announce that Starling saving just got smarter with the addition of Round Ups! You can now round up whatever you spend to the nearest pound and we’ll automatically add the extra to the Goal of your choosing. Ker-ching.
• Speaking of spending: you can now also export your statements between particular dates that you choose, rather than just individual set months.

That’s all for now. Happy saving!


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The reference to Euro accounts has vanished in this last update.

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Agreed. In the previous release it said new features would now be announced in the app. So odd there’s no notice for roundups.

There should have been one if their new features feature was working.

Finally, in more pleasingly meta news: we’ve released a new feature that’s all about, well…features! From now on, whenever we launch something new, we’ll tell you all about it in-app.

once again in the latest update I am being prompted as if I where a new customer starting from scratch

19 Dec 2018

This week…

We can’t make your gas bill vanish here at Starling – sorry – but we can remind you when it’s coming up. From now on, whenever you’ve got a scheduled payment on the horizon – a gas bill, say, or your monthly WiFi payment – it’ll appear right at the top of your transaction list the day before it’s due.

A nice wee feature!


A new update today but still no sign of the Euro Accounts…

No sign of anything in that update