Starling Kite

Coming next week.

Good value when compared to the likes of Go Henry.

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So it’s essentially a ‘connected space’ card?


I would hope there would be a seperate app for the kids otherwise it will be a poor experience as essentially it is just a card.

With Go Henry they have a good app as well so let’s see what is launched.


Yes, and I suspect that this was always the intention with Connected Spaces. It was released early as it served a useful purpose during lockdown but the bigger picture must have always been for kids cards, spending cards, etc.

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Doesn’t sounds like any app for kids, just the card. 11 and over could get a full account elsewhere with a debit card. I think it’s the under 11s that this will be really beneficial for.

How?! How they will manage if they will not be able to check card balance?

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I suspect they will have access to some sort of app, as @Dimon said how else will they know what they have available

Gonna try keep my powder dry on this, but at first glance, the phrase “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” spring to mind.


As an aside, I notice that the card featured in the promotional photo has the words World Debit on it, and so does my new Connected Card that arrived today. However my main Starling debit card has no such markings. Is this a new branding (and if so does it have any significance), or does it only apply to connected cards?

Edit: just found this thread on the Monzo forum discussing Monzo debit cards now having the World Debit branding on. Mastercard’s website lists their World Debit cards as having a range of perks that obviously aren’t applicable to Starling or Monzo, so I’m truly puzzled with this one!

Edit 2: just noticed this disclaimer:

Note: This benefit may not be available to all issuers. Please check with your issuing bank for details.

…in small font under all of the actually enticing perks listed! I’ll interpret that as ‘*not applicable’. But this begs the question: what is the point of Starling/Monzo issuing World Debit cards as opposed to the standard ones, when none of the perks of the World card are included?

Perhaps I’m expecting too much but if your charging me £2 a month per child I’d at least expect some form of app for the child to review their spending and have some controls.
I know revoult allow 1 child free per month and they get there own app. I appreciate for 2 or more children it’s £6-7 a month with more features.


At least let them release the product before whinging about it


If that’s directed at me - I don’t feel I am whinging- merely putting forward my opinion forward based on the information or lack of information provided by Starling at moment.

Was directed at the thread in general. They’ve not given any information as they haven’t released it yet.

Not strictly true.

I appreciate that there are plenty of gaps right now (hence my point about trying to keep my powder dry), but it’s not true to say that ‘they’ve not given any information yet’.

We know the price (£2/month/card) and that there is a maximum of 6 Kite cards per account.

They’ve briefed journalists that the cards can have a maximum of £5,000 allocated to them and that transactions can be blocked by the business sector (bars, gambling, etc.).

The CEO has even given comment on the matter.

Think it’s perfectly reasonable for people to discuss the details that have been made public - whether they like the sound of the new product or otherwise (or whinge, if you prefer).


I reckon your powder is a tad damp at least. :blush:

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Ok then, Anna has also said she hopes this will fill the gap left in financial education at school. So I’m sure there’s more to it than a connected card.
My issue was people were commenting on what there isn’t (an app, features, controls etc) when we don’t know that yet


Haha, perhaps.

The details revealed so far ‘suggest’ this will be a chargable connected card-style deal. If so, I find that underwhelming.

Obviously, I would very much like to be wrong on this - and for Kite to turn out to be a feature-packed actual account for kids with parental control and a great app. If that turns out to be the case, I will be on here congratulating them.

As a person who likes to kick Revolut, I do think their solution sets the bar for competitors like Starling to aim for. We wait to see the full specs, when Anne goes public with them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, Revolut are a conundrum. Wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them, yet they’ve got a eye for innovation. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A geographical block would be nice too.

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Feels like quite an underwhelming product to me though I’m not their target audience

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