Starling Launches Additional Account

It seems that Starling have quietly launched the ability to have a second personal account.

It is available at a £2 monthly charge.

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Hm… full account nice… but what about overdraft? Option to share existing one or ability to apply for a new one?

Can also have an additional Joint Account which is great. Do I keep my Nationwide Bills account or open this?.. If it was free I would move it but not sure it is worth £2 however small the fee.

Decisions decisions!

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I don’t know know about the overdraft thing.

I haven’t actually opened one as I don’t need it and wouldn’t want to pay the fee (even though it’s a small fee).

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I mean if someone sees value in a second account, then great. It’s not something I would pay for.

I’ve had a second account with NatWest for more than 10 years. Used it as my dedicated Saturday night out account when I was in my early twenties and latterly as a bills account. Been dormant for years.

Never paid a penny for the privilege of having it though.


Yes, there are many potential uses for a second account but I would personally rather open an account at a second bank than pay for the privilege at Starling.

I suppose some people may find value in it though.


I pay £2pm to Santander for the same purpose a second account would be used, however, they pay me back more than that, so free.

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There maybe, but I’m blowed if I’ve yet seen a justification for a second account (except with a different bank for backup or for feature testing purposes). Certainly not a second account with the same bank. That feels like fuzzy thinking. :flushed:


Having multiple accounts can be useful for segregating your money. Whether that be to add (a little) friction to spending, envelope-style budgeting, bill payments or just being able to see at a glance that your balance = money that isn’t already allocated.

Thing is, spaces/pots/vaults do away with most of those use cases - if you could pay DD bills from those then that would be another gone.

£2/month isn’t much - but if you’re using a second account to help you budget better you’re probably going to have that 2nd account at another bank to avoid the fee.


The fact that it’s linked to my existing card means it has no value to me. I have a second account (currently with Monzo) which I use to segregate expensable work-related spending - one off purchases of transport, overnight accommodation, etc (although it’s not had any use since March!).

If I’m understanding the new feature correctly, every time I want to spend money out of my work travel float (e.g. booking a flight), I’d have to go into the Starling app, change my card to link to my work account, make my purchase, then go back into the app to re-link it to my main account. It all seems a bit off a faff - it’d be of much more value (to me) to have a second card to use.

I can see how it would be beneficial to people wanting to segregate bills via DD, but for one-off purchases it doesn’t really work.


Yeah, you’d hope to get a dedicated card for your £2/mo.


And I wonder how will this swapping will affect cards stored in ApplePay?

They will probably work the same as the physical card - it will be whichever is selected at the time that gets charged.

I also wonder what the deal is with closing these additional accounts. Starling punish you by not allowing you to reopen an account for 12 months if closed, so it’ll be interesting what happens here.


Does this not sound very Curve-esque?

One debit card number. Pick your account prior to purchase.

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On another forum, this was offered:


I think having a second card linked to your personal starling for £2 a month would be better functionality; potential avoidance of £60 overseas shipping lmao


Whatever works for you.

Of course with online banking, you only really need one card (assuming it works). If the money you want to access is in the wrong account you can transfer it to make your (fee-free?) transaction. That’s how I use Revolut - money only goes in there for specific transafctions.

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For various historical reasons, I have two accounts with Tesco, Halifax, and Lloyds. None of them has ever cost me a penny. They’ve all got separate cards. They’re open because I haven’t bothered to close them.

My second account is with Natwest, mainly because it is the nominated account for a few things and I couldn’t be bothered to change them when I moved to Starling.

And all of this I can see in Emma!

I don’t get the thinking behind this at all


As loads of others have said, I really don’t see the point in paying for this - Starling is my main account and I have unused current accounts with Barclays and First Direct that I could use if I really wanted to… in fact First Direct let me have two current accounts for no extra charge back when I banked with them.