Starling looking for a new FD

(Dan Mullen) #1

( #2

I’ve only recently discovered the genius of Tony Ellingham thanks to this iconic Starling Christmas group shot.

(Photo nicked from Hessie Coleman’s twitter )

Lots of smiling happy faces enjoying getting into the Christmas spirit, big cheery smiles in their Christmas jumpers…

Hang on…

Who’s that?

Someone doesn’t seem keen on being photographed in their Christmas jumper…


Not Keen AT ALL


No sirree. Not one bit.


About as keen as a Christmas turkey is at when it spots the “Welcome to Bernard Matthews” sign in fact.


The man is clearly a legend, as well as obviously a great CFO. Thank goodness he’s not going altogether. If anyone from Starling is reading this, tell him from me that he’s my hero! :joy::joy::joy:


And, with his hands firmly in his pockets, he’s having none of it! :joy: :joy: :joy: