Starling Online Banking Now Live

I don’t think they’ve announced it yet, but their online/web banking is now live for personal accounts.


Doesn’t seem to work for me :man_shrugging:

Great spot!!! Works a treat for me on my joint account.


All working a treat here, looks very good.

A nice minimalist looking design with exactly the right features, exactly where you’d expect them.

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That’s excellent.

Such a clean interface, modern when compared to what I have used with Natwest, Halifax and Santander over the years.


Liking the recurring payments screen - am I right in thinking that doesn’t exist in the app?

Quite like it.

One thing that is quite odd though, is that I can log into my personal GBP account and my EUR account is there on the left. My joint account with my wife is absent, and I have to log into that one separately.

I like it, I don’t think it’s in the app as far as I remember and can see…

It’s a nice clean design and subtle use of colour. All the info I need about my account too. Nice work Starling.

It is now. Banner on the scheduled payment screen saying it will show these and direct debits

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I have the issue the other way round. I can only see my joint, but no access to personal account :thinking:

Unless I’m doing something wrong?

From what I can tell, no - it seems to be intentional. Something they might adapt later, maybe.

For now, I am thinking we will have to enter our account numbers and sign in to our joint and personal accounts separately. Odd, when both accounts can live side-by-side in the app… but I can live with that.

I’m not getting that. Wonder if it’s an iOS/Android thing, an A/B test thing or if it’s rolled out to some before others?

I’m using iOS:


Yeah, mines not like that yet (on android). Will look out for it over the next few days.

I certainly like it.

@marius.fanu You have any luck getting in yet?

Nope, I still get the same error for some reason…

@marius.fanu are you missing the digit 0 from your phone number?

You need to input 7857 instead of say 07857…

OK. Hope you get in soon.

Will probably have more of a play in the morning, but very much liking what I see so far.

It’s very Material Design and that is perfect for things like this.

There’s some interesting json in the source…


@thom_horne I’ve added the number, without the 0, because of the +44 prefix.
Maybe they need to migrate the account or something not entirely sure…

Thanks @Liam I’m sure I’ll get it as some point :crossed_fingers:

Edit: Ok now I’ve blocked it :sweat_smile:

Later edit: Managed to get in :rocket:
I have no idea how, I tried logging in the next day and it just worked, I assume they changed something in the backend to enable it (migrate account or something :man_shrugging:)


Epic. This is the push I need to give Starling another go, I think.

Currently using Monzo plus as my primary daily account right now, but 2 and a half months later and there’s nothing. No announcements. No new features since plus dropped. No improvements to the base account.

Fans on the other forum long suspected the drought, lack of innovation, and slowness of releasing anything consequential was due to the focus on plus. Well it’s been here for a few months now, and still nothing (unless you consider all the time they’re spending on virtue signalling as valuable new features). They’re still standing still while the competition is accelerating.

Meanwhile, Starling continue move and improve so quickly which is great to see.


Monzo is so woke it’s broke.


We got an update today! They refactored the code!!

I’m guessing all the rapid hiring they did has resulted in a too many cooks spoiled the broth situation OR they were pushed to such tight deadlines that it has made them look at their code like it’s someone else’s

Now they need to spend a few months looking at it all and refactoring it so it’s good and maintainable