Starling reporting to all 3 credit agencies

Starling users, is your current account visible in all 3 of your credit reports (Experian, Equifax & TransUnion)? I believe they report to all three agencies (unlike Monzo), but I know that what it is banks report exactly can vary slightly. Mine only shows in my TransUnion (Credit Karma) and Equifax (ClearScore) reports, but not Experian.

I don’t have an arranged overdraft, but that should be irrelevant since I don’t have an overdraft for my HSBC or NatWest current accounts either, yet they are reported to all three agencies. I tried asking them about this via chat but they just linked me to their privacy terms and conditions and then left, and since there’s no longer a Starling forum, I figured this would be the best place to ask :smile:

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And Amen to that!

But back to the original question, I haven’t checked my credit reports for a couple of months, but I seem to remember Starling appearing on at least two of the credit reference agencies to mention, but can’t think for the life of me which ones they were. Must check again soon…

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I’ve just checked all 3 of mine. Starling doesn’t appear on my Experian report, but does appear on Credit Karma and ClearScore.

If you’re interested, Monzo appears on Experian and Credit Karma.

Credit Karma and ClearScore both use Transunion don’t they? lol

Ok, just checked two of them, Creditkarma - yes, Experian - no

ClearScore is Equifax.
But yea, Credit Karma is TransUnion


It’s interesting how credit scoring between the different agencies can vary so much. Credit score for me on Creditkarm, 628 out of seven hundred and something, whereas Experian, 999 out of 999. I can’t remember my login details for Equifax.

Same here - Starling reporting to TransUnion and Equifax but not Experian. I did take advantage of the overdraft that was offered by Starling but have never used it.

Conversely, TransUnion 655 and Experian 982 here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses everyone. It’s really interesting to hear that everyone had Starling missing from their Experian credit report - I wonder why, since they claim to report to all three? I might raise this with support, because if you were to use Starling as your main account to receive salary, then no income data would be reported to Experian (the UK’s largest CRA), and any credit application that used Experian would be unable to verify your income, making you far more likely to be rejected.

It’s the same reason I would never use Monzo as my main account, because they only report to TransUnion and Equifax. My legacy banks, on the other hand, appear on all of my reports without an issue :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do credit agencies have income data? The income you self-declare on application forms is stored by National Hunter fraud detection, but only to check you are roughly consistent with your answers!

Yes, apparently so. When Monzo announced that they had added Experian, they mentioned that income estimates would be shared with them as well.

Edit: this is what they said…

Yes, you’re right, we’ll be providing some information on the amount paid in to your current account to Experian, as all banks are required to do.
This doesn’t contribute towards your credit score and cannot be seen on your credit file, but is used so the CRA’s can provide income and annual salary estimates.

So, as you can see, if the account you get your salary paid into isn’t reporting to Experian, then they won’t be able to generate an estimated salary, and this may show as ‘no or erratic income’. Looks like I’ll be sticking with HSBC as my main account for a while then :confused:


How do you even see your Experian report to check without paying up? All I get is a score

Try MoneySavingExpert Credit Club. It’s free and provides access to your full report.


Cool thanks

MSE doesn’t provide the full report, just the headline data.

Are you sure because under the “Credit Report” tab, mine shows just about as much information as I see on any other credit report elsewhere?

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It shows as much as ClearScore does for Equifax, which is quite a lot.

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