Starling senior executives take flight

Wouldn’t a rival want to make it seem like Starling is sinking!? I don’t know how much I’d trust this.

It might as well read.

“Sources on the Monzo forum have speculated that Megan and Anne started to fall out over an April Fools joke when Megan smacked Anne upside the head with a whoopie cushion whilst dancing to the tune of Hot Chip”…

That is how accurate I take the actual comment.


The moment I saw this (earlier today in my Google feed) I expected that someone would associate this comment with Monzo - I’m surprised it took a full hour from the original post :joy:

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"One described Ms Caywood’s departure as “very bitter” "

The comments do seem to derive from sources that are either anti Starling, or anti Anne Boden personally.

If you follow Anne and Megan on Twitter you’ll see that they’re always quick to praise each other.

Megan on Anne:

Hardly the words of a bitter ex-employee!

Anne on Megan:


All a bit tabloid for me… mysterious unnamed sources… :zipper_mouth_face:


I can’t imagine why…

An employee at a rival bank

People close to Starling

Does 2 minutes walk away count as close to Starling?


Seriously though, although i’m being tongue in cheek there is actually something to be said for that, it’s a very old and regularly used journalistic trick to include clues in plain sight, so it’s just as likely to be true…


Starling is a startup. Barclays probably just offered Megan about ten times the pay.

What people seem to think it’s like at starling:


Withdraw all your money and close your accounts! :scream:

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People seem to forget Anne is and always has been the driving force behind Starling.

When something backfired on the forum who would go on and argue that it was correct? Anne.

Who’s the one that is committed to Starling maintaining absolutely free banking for consumers while still turning a profit?

Who’s envisioning global expansion to revolutionize banking in continental Europe?

Actually that’s very interesting :thinking: do you guys think Anne and Starling will be the death of monthly maintenance fees in the eurozone if she can work out cash deposits locally in each country?

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No one:
Apparently Anne Bowden and all other fintech: image

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Well this is all very exciting, you don’t get this with the traditional banks! :joy:


From the article

Gone are high street bank branches and waiting on the phone to speak to customer support.

What it doesn’t say, is now you just have to wait to get someone to respond on Live chat or email. Which IMO seems to take way longer


That’s what we call progress…

Imagine listening to 12 hours of queue music - interrupted only by a recording of “your call is important to us. Someone will be with you as soon as possible.” and “did you know you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions on our website?” every few minutes …

My favourite part of the article was this one:

Their proximity has fuelled allegations of spying through office windows in order to monitor each other’s progress.

The bitter rivalry between the firms, well known in Britain’s fintech industry, has even led Starling Bank to install frosted windows on the side of its office building.



Is it not normal then for people to leave a company? Especially when it has proved and given such a platform for new and exciting talent?

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Was this not a joke they both (Monzo and Starling) put on Twitter with them and some of the team standing at the window waving at each other? :rofl:


Monzo is higher up than starling and can look down into their windows. As soon as they realised this at starling they had the windows frosted :joy:

I’d have written absurd yet barely plausable stuff up on a whiteboard to wind up anyone looking over. :rofl:


To be fair, it’s quite common for folk to move between competitors.

When we had an office across from ours, people would literally stroll out one day and straight across the road for an interview

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