Starling service failure?

I’ve tried the app on WiFi and my phone network so what is this about?

Nothing is loading :thinking:

It’s not possible for me to create a payee and make a payment :open_mouth:

As you can still access the app this is not a service failure. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway :scream::joy:

Hmm, mine is working - can see my balance and navigate to transactions and other screens, though I did briefly notice that 503 error message pop up then disappear at the bottom of the screen :thinking:

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You can’t do anything in the app and nothing is updating :scream:

To be fair I can see my balance and transactions.

Do you think it’s just a coincidence that this is the day most people’s direct debits go out at this time as well :thinking:

It’s like a legacy bank…

Mine hasn’t errored at all :thinking:

Mines is good no error at all

If I hadn’t posted they would have got away with it.

It’s fixed now!

A small issue :thinking:

But I thought starling is perfect and absolutely cannot fail?!


No errors here.
My direct debits went out fine too

As per normal, no mention of it on their Status Page

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From what I remember, this is one of the worlds most renowned and greatest works of fiction.

When they do put something on it it either relates to a third party or, if it relates to them, they have a habit of rewriting history shortly after to remove any fault of their own.


Yeah, it makes it hard to trust them. A status page saying 100% uptime is great for building trust in a bank, except when you know for a fact that there was a service outage (even if limited). In that case it completely destroys trust.


I may have been wrong on that :joy:

What starling actually said was that the app is designed to fail as in compensate when there is a failure. Maybe that’s what happened here.

Displaying a 503 error for a failure is an interesting compensation strategy - by that logic my website has 100% uptime too: It either serves the content or an error message :joy:


Give it a chance to compensate :joy:

It does seem to have been corrected very quickly.

No issues with failed DDS today

I think once again this was most likely a third party issue.

I don’t think the app, faster payments or their direct debit processing failed in anyway. There was some sort of loss of connection to the server and what was happening therefore wasn’t being displayed in app. Everything was still going on as normal in the background.

That sounds very unlikely. If the issue was only in communicating between Starling’s backend and Starling’s app, then it sounds like it was an issue with Starling.

Given that you apparently couldn’t do anything with the app other than view some historical data, I’d be interested to know what your definition of the app failing was?

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I would consider this a service failure as people on twitter said they couldn’t login but even if you did nothing in the app was up to date. Also it does seem for those affected you couldn’t make payments which definitely makes it a service failure.

My definition of the app failing is not being able to access it at all such as just crashing on startup. Also different sections of the app just not working.

The problem is we will never get an explanation and I doubt they will report this as a service failure.

It seems to only have affected about six people and if I hadn’t been up late and not posted about it I doubt any of us would have known :thinking:

Definitely app failure… not service failure.
You was able to make purchases?
My DDs left my account without any problems.
So only issue was in app payments?

Correct, there was no change to their normal web access provision :joy: