Starling Settle Up limits changed?

I have a Halifax Rewards account and have been using Starling’s Settle Up with my Halifax card to get around the “spend £500 on your card” requirement. I just tried it today and received the message that the most I could send was £50, but I was able to send £250 last month… has anyone else seen this or have I upset Starling by using it so much over the last few months?

That is what I thought as well. They have definitely changed it.
Instead of £250 per month now, it’s £50 per day. I don’t know if you can send £50 per day until you reach £250 for the month though.

I went on chat the other day and they seemed to think the £50 was a mistake.

Revolut can do £500 in a day via top-up; it’s what I use :slight_smile:

My Halifax workaround is:

  • transfer 1500 from Barclays
  • transfer 1000 back
  • top up £500 to Revolut
  • send £500 back to Barclays

Im able to request up to £10,000 :man_shrugging:

It says £250 on their site though, so no idea.

Perhaps £10,000 in total per month or day, but a max of £250 per transaction or card?

Edit: when you say site, are you referring to the settle up site or the main website?

Second edit: just had a friend send me a request for £10,000 because I was curious what would happen if I tried to pay it. But when clicking the link and clicking the let’s go button, the amount box defaulted to £25 and can’t be increased beyond £50. I’m thinking bugs are in play here, rather than actual changes.

Both are much higher than Monzo’s limits and make me envious. I’ve been procrastinating signing up for Starling again, but I really need to.

It can be £10,000 if they have a Starling account and open it through the app, because they’ll just do it as a transfer rather than a card payment


To confirm, it’s the webpage itself at that tells me the limit is £50

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Interestingly it now only lets me put in up to £200, but the website only lets me enter £50. Having a startling account doesn’t seem to matter as it doesn’t know who’s paying at the time you enter the amount.

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Glad my phone’s neural engine isn’t the only one thinks Starling Bank should be called Startling Bank. If I don’t capitalise that S, it changes it to startling every. single. time.

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I just went on chat again it’s an ongoing issue that hasn’t been resolved.

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I’ve just paid in £250 via Settle Up, no issues :+1:t3:

Done via the web or in app? Just tried to use my friend’s settle up link again, and it won’t let me exceed £50 (same error message as in @JayTay’s screenshot above) .

The plot doth thickens.

Perhaps I’ll throw my hat into the ring and try my Halifax schmoozing now

The web. App always let you put in higher amounts, that then failed when you clicked through the message.

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£250 worked again this morning on the web. Suspect my £1k/week a limit is unchanged.

Settle Up currently isn’t working at all for me (it says the max that can be sent is £0.00 on the webpage). Starling chat say it’s an ongoing issue.

Mine is now showing £250 as the max amount once again :slightly_smiling_face: