Starling to introduce new fees and new products

Received an email from Starling:

We wanted to let you know that we’ve made some changes to your terms and conditions.

Pricing changes to existing services from 4th November

We’re introducing some new fees that come into effect on 4th November, but they’ll only affect you if you use these features.

Updates to the terms for Personal and Joint Accounts (GBP Accounts only):

  • On the rare occasion that you need to send a CHAPS payment, it will cost £20 per payment. CHAPS is a payment system for sending large, same-day payments. You can continue to send payments via Faster Payments for free.

Updates to the terms for Personal and Joint Accounts (including GBP and Euro Accounts):

  • Replacement cards will be charged at £5 per card. You’ll get one free replacement per year, and we won’t charge you when your old card expires.

Updates to the terms for Personal Euro Accounts:

  • We’ve updated our Euro Account terms to introduce an interest rate of -0.5% AER on deposits over €50,000. From 4th November, you’ll be charged interest for holding deposits over €50,000. For example, if you’ve got €51,000 in your account, you’ll only be charged interest on that extra €1,000. Interest will be accrued daily, and charged monthly.

New products for Personal and Joint Current Accounts

We’re excited to be launching a number of new products very soon. As such, we’ve updated our terms to outline how we’ll be charging for them. These new products are optional, and you’ll only be charged if you choose to subscribe.

  • A children’s Space and debit card (Starling Kite) will be charged at £2 per card per month.

  • A new version of our Connected card, with extra features, will be charged at £2 per card per month. If you already have a Connected card, it’ll continue to be free.

  • An additional GBP account (available on Personal and Joint Accounts) will be charged at £2 per account per month.

Happy with your new terms?

Then you don’t need to do anything. If you’re not happy, we’re really sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we can’t change any of the terms, but you have the right to close your account at any time by getting in touch with us through the app.

If you’d like to view the relevant parts of your updated T&Cs, you can find them on the Legal Documentation section of our website.

Team Starling


Interesting, I bank with Starling and didn’t get this yet.

Thanks for the update - useful to read

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A no-nonsense, very clear message. I shan’t need any of the features, but I can see the market.


Sounds like great new features. I just wish they implement all of the personal account features on the joint accounts - loan products, overdrafts, settle-up etc. as it still feels like the ginger step-child offering.

Subscription service - Connected Card: for customers who have subscribed to the Connected Card (debit card) on or after 3 September 2020: for each Connected Card Goal and corresponding Connected Card you order, we charge a non-refundable subscription fee of £2 per month (paid in advance).

Interesting € has a negative Inter rate at higher amounts. I’ve not kept up with the state or the euro, what cases a currency to cost money to hold like this?

Well nobody is going to subject themselves to a negative interest rate, surely?

The CHAPS payment charge - so far, so legacy bank in terms of thinking.

The £5 on card replacements after the first one per year is broadly reasonable - it does encourage you to look after the one you are sent.

The £2 on childrens’ cards and new connected cards and additional cards looks like the start of Starling nickel and diming us. One to watch.

There is one thing though about Starling that does boil my piss and it’s this…

Starling does have an unfortunate habbit of using the word ‘can’t’ where they mean ‘won’t’.

They can chance these terms… the message is being sent because they just did!

They’ve cottoned on to the fact that use of this language shuts down complaints, queries and grumbles - probably a practice they’ve learned from KYC queries (where it holds up). Unfortunately, they have started to incorrectly use the word where they don’t want to discuss their own procedures and decision making.

I am seeing this more and more with Starling now, and I can only assume it’s deliberate. It’s dishonest - it needs to stop.


Interesting developments at Starling. I shall await my email.

I think so many people are focused on ‘free’ current account banking that charges can be seen as Purely negative.

Nice to see the child offering and whether it can challenge other providers.

I think the last time I sent a chaps, (when I bought a house) HSBC charged by £30 or £32 so it seems a reasonable fee.

Child’s cards - £2, I think go Henry is £3 or 4 so depending on features this is their competition.

Connected cards £2 depends on the new feature set they mention. Can’t see it worthwhile for me

£5 card replacement , reasonable

No, but in the eurozone that’s kind of the point. It’s an attempt to get people to spend and invest.

I believe £20 is one of the more competitive prices. Have starling offers CHAPS before? This seems like a new service from them?

As for cost, chaps have a higher on going cost and operational cost for the benefits of a more secure and guaranteed same day payment.

Good point… I’d forgotten that there’s a different base rate in play from the ECB!

I just watched a video explaining negative Inter rates :smile: I didn’t know much about why it’s done.

Euro zone seems to be -0.5% for cash deposits held

Middle of the range it seems.

HSBC charge £17 by telephone and Barclays appear to charge nothing for personal customers who do it online…

Starling are cheaper than Lloyds though

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Considering most (all?) high street banks offer fully fledged children’s accounts (i.e. not just a linked card) for free, I struggle to see the appeal of a £2 per month ‘Kite’ card. I really hope this isn’t the beginning of Starling’s pricing strategy taking a turn towards Monzo’s.

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Barclays charge £25.
I couldn’t send one with HSBC online, had to make an appointment in branch and pay £30.
I’m not sure if their only available in business online banking.

I don’t think monzo do anything like this?

Good point on the children’s accounts though.

Interesting question though is how the account works. Don’t get to keep an eye on it? Is it a full children’s account they can manage? Is it just an add-on to a main account.

Barclays does list online as an option (with no fee)


I just mean that it seems like them trying to find routes to nab an extra £x from their customers each month, for services that are free when it comes to the U.K. industry standard - which I find rather Monzo-esque and disappointing. Perhaps this is the only way fintechs can viably go though, without the economies of scale that the high street behemoths have.

Have to say, it’s consistent with their no-nonsense approach. Saves pussy-footing around, clarifying it later. Look at the column-inches generated by Monzo customers around “can I - can’t I?”

The messaging seems reasonable and unlikely to generate much heat.

(It’s hardly dishonest, though).


Aren’t they just offering add-ons you can say yes or no to?