Starling to introduce new fees and new products

Well with respect to the children’s account, it’s an add on that’s free at all major banks. You could say that withdrawing >£250 pm from an ATM is an add on with Monzo - just an add on that only they charge for.

HSBC seem to charger £17 for CHAPS

Barclays charged me £25 last year
I think all banks charge for CHAPS £15-£35

Going to gently suggest that there is a double standard at play here - if Monzo were to suggest that they couldn’t do something when they just didn’t want to do something, they’d be straight up called out as liars on here.

Can’t means it’s not within your gift, that you couldn’t do it if you wanted to.
Won’t means you could do it if you wanted to, but you have decided that it is not interest to do so.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that position. But they should own it.

Frankly, the line doens’t need to be there at all. It’s something that they are volunteering in an attempt to soften things up. It’s unneccessary - they are their terms, afterall. We know the drill, if we want to use their service, we abide by their terms.

To say they ‘can’t’ do anything about it suggests that its a situation outside of their control and they are merely caught up in the situation, alongside their customer.

They chose to say they can’t do something. It’s not the first time I’ve noticed it, and it comes up with their customer support people quite a bit.

Saying something that you know to be untrue is the definition of dishonesty. They know they write their terms.


I’m probably misinterpreting this in my own thick as pig swill head, but my Wife and I both have personal Starling accounts. Does this mean if we decided to open a joint account, that there would be a £2 a month account charge on a joint account?

We’re not going to open a joint account with Starling anyway, but just trying to get my head around that line…

I’ve just seen this for my business account.

I don’t like the idea of the negative interest rate (who does!). I moved all my Euro business to Starling from RBS for my company because of the exchange rate and easier access to the account. With RBS I had to use bankline @ £20 a month!

Hopefully I can open a HSBC Euro account without too much hassle to keep under €50k.

To be fair to Starling, that’s not how I read that.

I took it to mean that they’ll be allowing customers to set up additional accounts, in the same way that people often have a bills account, etc.



Yep - understand that.

They might argue that “…if we are to stay on course to blah blah… we cannot vary from this current course of action…” etc

But upon reflection, however, it might have been cleaner (and dare I say, in Monzo-speak, “transparent”, if they’d taken :point_down:t3: stance.

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Well, this looks like what Anne was suggesting as a “better” way than enabling bills from pots.

I agree, overall it’s probably easier, just not at £2 a month for another current account.


And as if Tommy Cooper himself just entered the room…I’ve literally in the last few seconds received the email from Starling on updates to T’s&C’s…

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Just like that…


I never lose my card, never mind more than once. Will never hold anywhere near 50k in euros. :man_shrugging:

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You and me both. I can honestly say, not once, ever, have I lost a single debit or credit card in almost 40 years of banking. Strange that, considering I’ve visited over 100 countries in the world, sank a lot of booze and generally had a good time which often involved rolling around on the concrete. I’ve broken a couple of cards coz I’ve a fat arse and putting them in one’s rear pocket isn’t always a good idea. So one wonders, just how do some folks claim to lose several cards a year?.. :roll_eyes:


I also can’t understand how people can frequently lose their cards. In 42 years of banking I’ve lost my card once, when I absent-mindedly left it in a shop. Actually, I think that was a cheque guarantee card as debit cards hadn’t been invented then. I’ve had cards stolen twice, -once in a burglary, and once by a pickpocket when I was quite drunk.

I’m pretty sure you’re right. And it’s a hell of a disappointment if it is, considering my legacy banks have had this ‘better’ alternative to paying bills from pots since the dawn of time and for no additional fee. Hardly seems like innovation from
Starling here.

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I don’t think this is what Anne was referring to. This is a response to the hundreds of people asking for second accounts in twitter

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I hope so!

I hope this isn’t the ‘better’ option. This is about the least creative thing a cutting edge bank could do if it’s true.

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Well I know this much, I won’t be getting charged two quid a month by Starling for having another current account on account of the fact I’ve got a spare current account with another bank and that doesn’t cost me £2 a month.

I also don’t get all this stuff with paying bills from pots or spaces or whatever. Maybe it’s my age, but I seem to get by just fine with direct debits and generally being able to manage my budgeting without farting around with lots of different methods of paying for things. I can only assume that some folks have massive difficulty with budgeting, or perhaps I really just don’t get it.