Starling Trash iOS UX


Where the hell is customer service and the marketplace?


Click the hamburger top right



Why they don’t have a clearer UX I don’t know


Starling works fine on iOS. Digital banking is not about subjective ideas of app design and what is cool.


It works fine functionality wise for sure. Doesn’t stop it from being confusing to navigate :slight_smile:

I don’t care if its cool, N26 is cool but it’s not my main account.


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(Liam) #7

@Laurie I’m going to to give you one shot to edit your last post.

If you think you can ‘throw your weight around’ in this community, referring to anyone as a ‘guest’ in this country, you are mistaken.

One person’s opinion here is as good as another’s - regardless of where any person is born.

You might want to study our community guidelines. We debate the topic, we don’t turn our ire on the person delivering an opinion.


The marketplace for me has been useless since it started!


Marketplace is useless… really. I think Starling will drop it


I’ve not even looked at Marketplace…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ll have you know I’m a citizen :ok_hand:t2: and I have just as many rights here as any other European Union citizen regardless of my nationality!

Re: marketplace stuff, I’d like if they had some travel insurance and stuff in there so I could do all my banking, I would close most of my other accounts when they offer me an overdraft :smirk:


Just no @Laurie. That is a wholly unacceptable statement.


I think it’s probably the most disgusting comment I’ve actually read on any online forums, to be honest.


I know this is off topic but this is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever read on an internet forum.

I know many people through uni and elsewhere who were not born here in the UK, does that make their opinion any less valid? NO!

Or what about when I go abroad, am I not entitled to any opinion on anything, as I’ll be a ‘guest’ in that country?


Utterly irrelevant and shameful comments like this should be deleted by the mods.


Liam has condemned it and is giving them the opportunity to change it themselves, rather than stepping in himself.

(Andy Morris) #17

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I also would like to add my own dissatisfaction at this comment. Native or not (and also opinionated or not) the input is more that welcomed and valid regardless!

(Liam) #19

I have responded to the post. I have warned the user and I am giving them an opportunity to rectify their error. They are currently unable to post until they have done so.

Other users piling in and adding fuel to the fire helps nobody. I am going to ask that we get back on topic.


Are you sure they’re able to even edit their comment?